Clan network 38925 second request

  1. Drop ID
  2. Community information

clan network is a community that starts journey into the web3 gaming, we have events that are community members participate and lvl up in, each of those events get them a poap that will be shown next to their discord name.

  1. Nature of the event
    the idea behind clan is to give utility to non utilities NFTs, our goal is to link between gamers and developers along the way to work together and create games that will give utility to generative art project, for example, who wouldn’t like to play azuki vs apes a volleyball e- spot game?
    we believe that in order to build a game the journey itself need to be the game, the poap will be the prizes the user wins along the journey for participating in AMA events, votes, and many others. our goal is to create a system where the poaps represent your level inside of the journey, which events you attended which quests (RPG style a bit) you achieved etc.

  2. Distribution plan
    if I understood correctly what you guys wrote in the guideline our way of distribution will be based on the list of links I always got from you guys in past poaps I created with you (with HeuRea#7844 specially on discord). our goal is to give those minting links to whoever achieved the needed task or attended to the needed event.

  3. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    i am sorry that my past post was a bit “skinny” I hope this one will explain it better, thanks a lot! i am sorry for bothering you guys so much I am just really late in my schedule rn…



Hey @CryptOAV

Thanks for all the info!
Is the POAP for multiple events then? Or is it for a particular event?

this one will be for multiple
there are 3 others that we would like to create but i wont bother you now :blush:
lets manage to do one first jajajaj

thanks a lot for you quick respond! I hope i filled the file better this time


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April 29

Hey @CryptOAV

Thanks for all the info!
Is the POAP for multiple events then? Or is it for a particular event?

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Hey @CryptOAV

I’m sorry but each drop should commemorate a particular event. That’s why the Curation Body made a negative review of your petition.

Please take a look at the POAP Quality Guidelines and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Ok, we can change that there is not problem at all, our poap distirbutions is supposed to represent levels inside of the community, some levels are achieved only by attending to a certain event = how we call it in the gaming community doing

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sorry i sent by accident, doing a certain task.

for example we will have our first AMA with members of cosmos ans $scrt and we want to give a poap to whoever will participate, but thats later.

this one could be given for a certain event which was supposed to be two weeks ago but will be this week, our first AMA with CEO.

if you want me to do it for a specific event its ok with me, reading the rules didnt make me understand that this is how it has to be. my bad.

yoav j erez

‫בתאריך יום ב׳, 2 במאי 2022 ב-13:48 מאת ‪Yoav erez‬‏ <‪‬‏>:‬

and when i said event its not like several events but more of the same event they could attend to in different times, for example listening to a podacst about the project and answering a quizz after it, the poap will be the proof that they were part of the listeners. if thats not possible ill change the structure but i didn think there is a problem with that.

‫בתאריך יום ב׳, 2 במאי 2022 ב-13:50 מאת ‪Yoav erez‬‏ <‪‬‏>:‬

Hey @CryptOAV

Thanks for the context!

So please submit petitions for each event you’re planning :slight_smile:
Please consider checking the POAP Distribution Methods article so you can choose the appropriate method for your events.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

hey, thanks! of course i will but i wanted to know if we can approve that one first and ill do the rest now, i am just running very late in times and had no answer from you guys in discord for around 2weeks… i know you guys are busy but now that we talked and you understood the meaning of my event i wished if possible to approve and get those minting links and for the next events ill do it properly on the first shot.

Sorry for all the mistakes.

‫בתאריך יום ב׳, 2 במאי 2022 ב-16:14 מאת ‪Fio via POAP Issuers‬‏ <‪‬‏>:‬

I’m sorry, but we already made a negative review of your petition and you will need to re-submit your petition.

jsut did :slight_smile:
i hope this once works!


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