Captcha Activated option for POAP websites can't actually be disabled

After creating a test drop (#50405) and using a POAP website, I noticed that checking or unchecking the Captcha Activated checkbox doesn’t seem to do anything. I tried both options but always got the Cloudflare interstitial page, and some people that helped me test also got the CAPTCHA they had to answer before getting to the POAP minting page.

The Cloudflare interstitial also causes issues with the short URL service I’m using to mask the POAP website URL, whether the CAPTCHA option is selected or not. The masked short URL fails to load the POAP website accordingly. See my POAP drop appeal post for more details on what I’m trying to do:

Shouldn’t unchecking the option prevent both the Cloudflare interstitial and a CAPTCHA from appearing?

Hey @notasausage

We are looking into this and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Any updates on this? It’s the only thing blocking my POAP business card via NFC at NFT.NYC next week…

Any chance this has been fixed?

Looks like this might be fixed, just created a new private drop and website to test (#51408). Will report back once that’s approved and I can try it out.

Looks like it’s fixed! Going to get the other drops (#50093 & #50094) approved hopefully and start using the NFC cards!

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