Can a POAP be claimed on PC via Secret Word?

I wanted to get more info to let my community know the steps to claim the POAP today using Secret Word. I saw online that you should login using mobile, but can it be done on a computer as well? Are there any resources you can guide me to so that I completely understand how to relay the drop? I don’t see a specific link to direct people to, so is all they need the secret word and is there a link that can be given out to send people to the claim area?


actually there is a way but i think the POAP mgmt may not like it…
HINT: it is via a “claim” URL


Secret word is intended to be used via the app.

Please tell me more about the drop your planning & your community → I’d love to recommend the best possible distribution method.

Please checkout the POAP Help Center :

Video tutorials that may be helpful
Community made resource: POAP-Master-Class
POAP Delivery Tutorial