Branding or Copyright material in POAPs

From the intercom documentation, “How can I produce a quality POAP drop?”

The POAP Curation Body will automatically reject drops with any of the following characteristics:

  • Drops containing copyrighted content

This in general is referring to someone copying or using copyrighted content in their POAP design. Its understandable.

What about the case where the brand itself (who owns the copyright) wants to design a POAP and create a drop?

I understand in the past Adidas has used the POAP drop on mainnet so that may be an example case where it was approved. Not sure the special cases of that though.

Also understand if it is a case of “engagement farming” by the brand in some form then that would be rejected.

I can imagine a future where a life event of buying your first car has a POAP created by Toyota Motor Company or going to your first music concert and you are given a POAP with Taylor Swift on it.

Was curious on what others thought and how and if branding is used in POAPs in the future.

Great question!

Generally there will be a request for information – but its much easier to simply request from a corporate email.

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