Best practice for long online session - 6 hours run time

We have an extended - 6 hours - community webinar next week

Secret is a great way to distribute for online but keeping the window open continuously I guess isn’t ideal, and we will have people in and out of different sessions for different speakers so do need availability throughout

It looks like updating the secret periodically throughout the day isn’t possible as approval required each time

Setting the window for the whole session combined with manually toggling the ‘Active’ switch for say 10 mins of availability each hour could be an option? - and of course we can follow up afterwards with direct mint links for those confirmed attending who missed out

Thoughts on this/alternative suggestions ? Thanks :pray:

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Assuming that the webinar has less than 100 participants, my recommendation is to just distribute mint links manually.

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Over 800 signed up so far

In practice maybe 25-30% will actually attend but still quite a few

Hello @pixeyl :slight_smile:

Good morning! Thank you for reaching out!

I see where you mention:

Secret is a great way to distribute for online

Secret can be great online, for a short duration, however even with a short mint window, secret word can be shared easily and people that don’t attend your event could receive your community POAP.

One additional factor to consider with secret word is that the collectors must have the POAP app to collect with secret word. This can lead to a surprise onboarding challenge popping up during your event.

What you have shared for your event seems like maybe mint links and a POAP kiosk would be ideal. For an online webinar you could share the kiosk on screen throughout the program and have attendees scan the QR.

Another option would be to collect the email addresses of the attendees and after your event use a mail merge tool to send directly to the intended collectors.

Using mint links will ensure you get the POAP to the authentic attendees of your event.

You can also reach a member of our support team using the chat bubble in the bottom right of the page.

Let us know if you need more help configuring your event! :tophat:

:unicorn: Amanda

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Thanks - so add a screen feed of the kiosk as a presenter, or screen share periodically, nice idea

I guess this doesn’t work for people on mobile, but email follow up is an option for them. Definitely better to keep it only to attendees

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