Bear Market Builder event: #24315 date 1/25/22-4/1/22

Bear Market Builder # 24315

A small personal reward I’d like to be able to give out to anyone in the various communities (POAPathon, gitPOAP, others, etc.) that I would discretionarily like to give as gratitude & recognition for building something neat or creative during the current bear market. (NFTs, devs, great ideas, art, etc.)

Codes Request:400

Hi Erixink,

Your event is currently under review by the Curation Body.
We are trying to get back to you as soon as possible!

Kevster from the Curation Body

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Hello Erixink,

The Curation Body decided to give this drop request a negative review based on the distribution method.
A secret website can get leaked and then it won’t take long before all codes run out.

We advice to use individual mint links, and start with a smaller amount (than the 1000 requested before). You can always top up codes acter you run out.

Hope this helps,
Kevster from the Curation Body

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Thank you. I will resubmit for less codes