BanklessDAO - Using the same seasonal artwork for weekly meetings

Hello, I’m the Design Guild coordinator for BanklessDAO. We’ve been using animated POAPs for our weekly meetings, and as such we have been using the same design for the full season. This cuts down on how much work the artist has to do, and the POAP is still unique through its metadata. Today we were advised we are not allowed to use the same artwork more than once. Is there any way we can continue doing this, as the artwork can be considered part of an epoch?

Hey @NFThinker!

Both the copy and artwork should reflect the significance of the occasion being commemorated. You can make minor changes on the design, such as changing the date or the number of meeting.

Please contact our Customer Support team via the chat bubble at the POAP website for further guidance regarding creating a POAP drop.

Additionally these resources will be extremely helpful with future drop requests.
POAP Help Center

The POAP Curation Body

Hi Fiorian, thanks for your reply. Even minor changes are going to require a full export of the artwork, which is very time consuming and prohibitively expensive. Are we not able to use these for a series of events?