Bankless DAO Cartography POAP

gm frens, I am Ray. I’m a DAO Cartographer from Bankless DAO.

We are trying to create an ongoing event where we have a monthly ‘‘Cartography POAP Party’’ to enable our frens to join our efforts in mapping our DAO structure and reward with a POAP, distributed by DEGEN. The aim is to introduce everyone in the DAO to the MAP which is around 20k bankless people.

In my first test, i tried to create ‘‘a lot of’’ POAPs but get only 10 in return :slightly_smiling_face: I hear POAP fam is working hard to eliminate farmers and that is the reason for me to get only 10 POAPs.

So i came to the HQ to learn how i should proceed, what is the best approach for a consecutive event trying to distribute thousands of the same POAP?



Hey @raybankless.eth,

Please contact POAP Customer Support team via the chat bubble at the POAP website, they will help you find the best distribution method for your use case :slight_smile:

The POAP Curation Body

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