Awaiting Approval of Event #33783 Ukraine Fundraiser

On 3/15, I requested a POAP event for a Ukrainian Fundraiser in Decentraland under #33279. When I submitted that POAP, I had noticed after submission the png had an incorrect spelling. (PNG has “Ukraine Funraiser” instead of funDraiser). This POAP got approved for 50 links. Due to the mispelling, I do not want to issue POAP links with misspelled POAPs.

To correct this, I went ahead and issued a new POAP request (event #33783) containing the correct png image with “Ukraine Fundraiser”, and total correct POAP . I originally requested 50, but will need 86 links (event is over and that is the total # of wallet addresses collected). You will see that the image submitted under this request has Ukraine Fundraiser spelled right.

Is there a way I can get event #33783 approved for 86 links? Feel free to cancel the original POAPS from event 33279 to obtain the approval for 33783.

Thank you,


Hey @maryana

Thanks for the context. How do you plan to distribute the mint links?

Of course - I made a Twitter Post that collected all the wallet addresses for the event. I will be manually pasting the wallet addreses into each POAP link.

@Fio Have you been able to resolve this?

Hey @maryana

As Curators didn’t realize the artwork was updated -they thought it was the same- they made a negative review of the petition.

Can you please request a top-up for your petition? Sorry about the confusion.

Hi Fiorescan, how can I send a top-up for a petition? What is the steps to do that?

To request a Top-up petition.

  1. You request a top-up in the same panel you created your drop.
    Visit How Do I Set Up a POAP Drop? | POAP Help Center
  2. Request the amount of needed codes under your original drop ID

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or queries.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

I am closing this petition out due to the create of your new thread.

Please continue the conversation there. :slight_smile: