Awaiting approval for drop #72096

  1. Drop ID #72096
  2. Community information
    Listeners and fans of the Game Changer podcast
  3. Nature of the event
    The POAP commemorates the publication of our “NFT episode”, for which we have invited the “special guest” Scott Kominers to explain everything aorund NFTS including POAP
  4. Distribution plan
    website (listeners of the episode will have access via the shownotes, the first 20 listeners can claim their POAP)
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I have not reveived feedback so far, so maybe there is a backlog due to many requests?

Hello @gamechanger
What platform is this happening on?

Hi Julie,
many thanks for your reply. We are hosting the podcast on libsyn (I am not sure whether this answers your question?).
Best regards

Hello @gamechanger

Can you please explain what libsyn is?

Hello Julie,

Libsyn ( the podcast-hosting platform we use to store our podcast episodes. It also provides statistics like number of downloads etc.

The links to our podcast episodes (e.g. on our homepage Podcast | TWS Partners or apple podcasts, google podcast etc.) refer to the stored podcast files on the libsyn servers.

I hope this answers your question? (I think this is a very common way to run a podcast for people who don’t have their own servers.)

Best regards


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Hello @gamechanger

Thank you for your patience and explanation!

  1. So are wanting to distribute the POAP to the people listening live to the podcast as it is being recorded?
    or are you wanting to distribute to people who listen to the recording?

  2. How are you going to verify participation?
    The links CANNOT be placed into the show notes this will only lead to the POAPS being farmed by people who don’t care about the content of the podcast.

Hello Julie,

many thanks for your response! Regarding your questions:

  1. We would like to distribute POAPs to people listening to our recording – the first 20 listeners to claim would receive a POAP (i.e. our 20 quickest, “most loyal” podcast listeners)
  2. Understood. As an alternative, could we change the distribution method to secret (which we will share verbally during our podcast episode)?

If you are fine with the secret distribution method, do I need to change my drop request, or can continue with the current one?

Many thanks and best regards


Hello @gamechanger

Yes you can request a secret word for the live event only. 15 minute claim window only

Here are the guidelines:

Hello Julie,
many thanks for your help!
Based on your feedback and the tight timeline, we now decided to make the following changes to our POAP request:

  • we postponed the drop date to 25th October
  • we changed the distribution channel: Podcast listeners would now have to send us an email if they would like to receive their POAP, and we would then send back an individual mint link.

I have already made the changes to our drop request #72096. I hope this would work from your side?

Many thanks again for your support and best regards

Hello @gamechanger

you have been approved! Sounds like you have a great plan! We are hoping to have an integration in the future that will allow live podcast listeners to claim POAPs!

We look forward to your future POAP drops!
All the Best,
The POAP Curation Body