Awaiting Approval - BAYZ Event

1. Drop ID


#43856 - BAYZ Treasure Hunt #1 - THE SWORD [DAY ONE]
#43857 - BAYZ Treasure Hunt #1 - SHIELD GUARDIAN [DAY TWO]
#43858 - BAYZ Treasure Hunt #1 - IT’S TIME FOR MAGIC! [DAY THREE]
#43859 - BAYZ Treasure Hunt #1 - RECOVERY [DAY FOUR]
#43860 - BAYZ Treasure Hunt #1 - GEMS, GEMS! [DAY FIVE]
#43861 - BAYZ Treasure Hunt #1 - YUMMY! [DAY SIX - LAST DAY]

2. Community information

2. Nature of the event
During BAYZ’s Treasure Hunt #1 Week, we’ve shared different content, connected our content creators and engaged our community with an adventure about web3, NFT and different materials about the next step for the future. We had two weeks full of content created not only by our platform, but also from our Content Creators, that not only livestreamed special content during the week, but also engaged with each other and our community directly through our Discord and Social Networks.

3. Distribution plan:
To guarantee the participants/wallets were only people who joined the event and watched the streams, we crossed information in two ways.

First: participants were asked to fill in a form on our Discord to participate in the week of events with some infos: Their email, Discord/Twitch/SNS email, How they got in our Discord, Secret Phrase shared inside of Discord and Event Details Checkup (Dates, Activities, etc) - We checked each answer crossing only the users who were indeed active. It was shared in an exclusive verified channel that only certain users (with different permissions could access according to their activity in the server). - Once the form was filled in, we had an estimate amount of 560 people joining our event week. [This plan was for our own records and we decided to use it to enforce POAP delivery]

We shared a post on our Twitter about the event, but since we couldn’t verify the participants through that method, we’ve messaged the applicants and asked them to follow the other methods, resulting in 13 wallets that were, indeed, legit. But from these 13 wallets, 7 were already on our other Discord form.

Second: to ensure that these users who registered themselves REALLY watched the events interactions, we asked our content creators to share, during these special days, another form, asking them to fill in some info: Their email, twitch username, secret word (shared only during stream) and how/where they saw the content provided, asking for their username. We had an average of 230 ~ 300 replies from our creators. After crossing both databases from the forms, checking each user individually to see if they are indeed in our Discord, if they follow us and our creators, we’ve reached a total of 175, undeniable participants in our week of events. We’ve created a total of 6 POAPs, 3 per each week of event and one final POAP to celebrate those who collected all of them. It was a very engaging experience with our community. We got to see that they are really interested on learning more and more about web3 and the metaverse, and we can’t wait to explore this even further with them. That bein said, since we have 175 participants for the 6 POAP’s, we would like to request 175 drops of each through delivery method. The wallets will be the same of wall of them, since we’ve crossed in our database to only reward those who were present during the WHOLE week.

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    We had to change different things from our event since we first started the POAP tries for approval, regarding security, distribution and even the event structure. But now we are confident we have only the participants and no users that are not from our community.

I’m not sure why it’s being held, but we are more than willing to adapt once more if needed.

Hello :slight_smile: Any updates about this request?

Thank you.

Hey @juscochi

The POAP Curation Body made negative reviews of your petitions since they lacked a responsible distribution plan. The POAP team tried to help but it seems you didn’t follow our guidelines for proper distribution.

For future drops: Please read the POAP Quality Guidelines and contact Customer Support before submitting the petitions, so they can help you choose the appropriate distribution method.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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