Awaiting Approval - 47429

  1. Drop ID 47429 Petition 66473
  2. Community information omgkirbyDAO - decentralized music artist.
  1. Nature of the event
    We are recognizing the handful of DAO contributors who took leadership roles during the first ‘Session (8 week projects)’ of our DAO. They all committed to working several hours a week and successfully delivered on the goals.
  2. Distribution plan
    Providing individual mint links to each one, as I am connected with each on Discord
  3. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I think I may have accidentally made it seem like this was tied to a Snapshot proposal. The proposal already happened to approve our working groups a few months ago. This is just to reward those that were nominated and led those projects.


hope I did this correctly! first time filling out, but I believe I followed the instructions.

Hi - received another email about the snapshot voting piece. I would like to reiterate - the goal here is NOT to provide the POAP to everyone who voted in a previous snapshot vote.

We are just rewarding the handful of leaders who managed the Working Groups after the proposal was approved.

I have discord user names not ETH or xdai addresses I can use for delivery. per the below email.

Hey @jakestandley

Thanks for the info and context!
We’ll send it to curators and let you know once they’ve reviewed your petition again.

Hey @jakestandley

Curators had already made a negative review of this petition because they thought it was for Snapshot voters.

Can you please request a top-up petition?

Thanks – just re reqeuested the 30 codes!


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