Awaiting Approval #33788, #33789, #33790

Drop ID: #33788, #33789, #33790

Community Information:
Gemini Discord: Secret Gemini Guild
Instagram: Login • Instagram

Name of the event:
“Congratulations on becoming a Secret Gemini Scholar” is a congratulations on becoming a scholar in Team Secret’s Guild Community, this POAP acts as a memory for all scholars.

Distribution Plan:
The POAPs will be given out via Discord Tickets to all Secret Gemini Guild Scholars using the links provided by POAP.

Why do you believe this petition is being held?
Short description?

Extra Information:
We’re huge fans of the work at POAP, we previously used POAPs to celebrate our first webcast with our partners at UNISWAP and enjoyed the experience.


Hey @Lloydz

Thanks for the context!

Can you clarify how do you determine participation and how do you plan to distribute all the mint links?

Hey Fiorescan,

Participation is determined by all Secret Gemini Guild Scholars, this is a Play-To-Earn Guild created for Axie Infinity. All scholars of this guild will be given a participation POAP.

The way we plan to distribution the mint links is via Discord, each Scholar will create a Support Ticket and request there.

We’ve previously used this system during our “What’s The Secret?” Webcast with Uniswap, please see here: #23628

We hope to receive the POAP links soon.


Hey @Fio

Any update on this?


Hey @Lloydz

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the context.

The 3 drops are very large, how many scholars do you have?

Hey @Lloydz

Congrats, looks like your petitions received a positive review for 500 mint links each. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

PD: Feel free to request a top-up petition in case you need more POAPs.

Hey @Fio

Thank you for your help! To quickly respond to your question above, there’s currently 300 scholars however we’re adding over 100 per month hence the big request.


Please request a top-up when you need the POAPs :slight_smile:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body