Automatic POAP Inclusion for fewer than X POAP Creations

I’d like to be able to generate personal POAPs for my family and friends. Nothing fancy, nothing big but just something to post as a memory.

Im thinking often times just 4 POAPs or so, maybe rarely up to 10 - though I rarely have a group of friends together where that many have wallets.

Perhaps there could be a gatekeep on a personal POAP creation where those who are whitelisted or otherwise trusted (perhaps a certain set of POAP holders etc) could be allowed to instantly create a set of POAPs when there are just a few to be created.

In this manner I could quickly and easily create a set of POAPs to distribute at an dinner or bar get together which had little notice, and distribute those to participants. This could also relieve some of the stress on the POAP team having to manually approve so many.

Hey @grasponcrypto

I love the use cases you mentioned!

Thanks for bringing these ideas to the POAP forum, I will share your suggestions internally.

At the moment all drops are reviewed manually by Curation. Although it could take up to 24 hours to review a POAP, the process for reviewing a personal drop with a small number of POAPs is usually much faster.

Q: Have you tried POAP Drops yet? It helps you create POAPs super fast as the process is much more intuitive.