ART or DAI - A new NFT voting game using POAP

GM all! BB Studios will be hosting a new type of NFT exhibition called ART or DAI on our land in Decentraland 38,103. I would like the devs and curators to be aware that we are using the POAP tokens as votes using two dispensers.

Since the xDAI chain records token counts and time in which the POAP was received, it seems like a great way to record the battle stats and so we hope that your curators will become aware that we are not spamming or token farming, but instead using the tech in a novel way.

Additionally, for any mods reading this, I would like to personally extend my interest in becoming a curator. I have been an art collector/dealer for awhile and now our company runs weekly art shows in several metaverse platforms.


Hey @bake.eth

Thanks for the info about the NFT exhibition!!

We’re happy you’d like to join the team!
You can apply to the Curation position here: Curator

All the best,
Fio from the POAP Curation Body

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I will be polishing up my resume and cover letter over the coming week, I don’t have a huge POAP collection so don’t hold that against me :blush:

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