Art Exhibition POAPs

I’d like to issue three POAPS at once bc they basically about the same kind of event.

  1. Drop ID

  2. Community information
    We’re an international gallery known in the art world. We just moved into the NFT space with our curated online market.
    Check out our sites if you like:

  3. Nature of the event
    We’re celebrating the opening of three amazing exhibitions in Berlin and Seoul.

  4. Distribution plan
    We’re sending them out to everyone who attended the exhibition.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I just updated the information for all three drops. When I created them I had “coming soon” in some places. I believe I now delivered everything for a positive review.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

Hey @Burner2240

The Curation Body made a negative review of your petitions since it wasn’t clear what you were commemorating and the distribution method you were intending to use.

Can you please submit your petition again with the new description?

Also: almost 5000 POAPs is a high amount for a first-time issuer. We suggest starting with a smaller amount and requesting a top-up if needed.

Please check the POAP Quality guidelines Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops - #6 before submitting a new petition.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body