Approval request for multiple drops

  1. Drop ID #63992, #63994, 63995, #64021, #64023, #64024
  2. Community information
    Reload Events
  3. Nature of the event
    First IRL POAP event organized by Reload Events in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy.
    The event will start on the 15th and will end the 24th of September, everyday people will be able to claim IRL a different POAP.
  4. Distribution plan
    We are planning to distribute the links with a QR system we developed for the event
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I did already created a POAPs for another project 2 months ago (#56356), and i think that i followed the guidelines stated when creating these new drops, but still not received the links.
    However, i understand that new issuers will need to submit formal requests in Discourse until curators develop a familiarity with their general activities.

Hello @Mullet

The Curators have a few questions that will need to be answered in order to continue the review of your petitions.

  1. “We built our own tool to distribute the links with a specific QR” – please explain what you mean by this. POAP requires IRL events to use the POAP Kiosk (formally Magic QR Code Dispenser)
  2. Is this event in real life?
  3. How many days is the event?
  4. What is the purpose of creating a POAP for every letter of “RELOAD” ?
  5. what do people have to do to claim the POAPs?
  6. Can people claim more than 1 POAP each day?

Hello Julie,
Thanks for your reply.

  1. The tool we built is quite similar to the Magic QR Code Dispenser, but it doesn’t need an internet connection: basically, scanning a physically printed QR code, it picks an available link from the .txt file and redirect the user to the claim page.
  2. Yes, this event is in real life, and will take place in Montecatini Terme, Italy.
  3. the event is starting on the 15th and will end on the 24th of September.
  4. Every letter represents a specific old event organized by the company Reload Events. Every POAP can be collected during the event, but only who manage to get all the 6 letters will get a special gift IRL.
  5. People will need to scan our QRs and insert their mail/address in the POAP claim page
  6. No

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Mullet

The Curators will review your responses and we will get back to you with any more clarification questions if necessary.


Are you using POAP API?

No, i’m not using the POAP API

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is this a paid event where people have to buy a ticket to gain entry?

Yes, there is a cost for the ticket, but POAPs are claimable for free inside the event

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will all of the RELOAD POAPS be available each day or does the person have to come back each day to collect each POAP?
Such as SEPT 15. = letter “R” POAP
SEPT 16 = letter “E” POAP , etc?

Yes, the POAPs will be available only in different and unspecified days between the 15h and the 24th.
People need to come back every day to be sure to have to chance to get all the 6 pieces.

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Thank you for answering the questions! We will get back to you ASAP.

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Hey @Mullet

I’m sorry, but the distribution method doesn’t seem safe since the link can be shared with non-participants and all your POAPs could be farmed.

We recommend the use of the POAP Magic Dispenser, which is a dynamic QR code that can be displayed on any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc) and changes when the collector scans it.

More details: How Do I Set Up the Magic POAP Dispenser to Distribute Mint Links Via Unique QR Codes? | POAP Help Center

Regarding sizing:
POAP is a protocol for the preservation of memories. Responsible issuance is a core responsibility of POAP issuers. Issuers must verify attendance of collectors at events and/or collector eligibility for POAPs. Issuers must also size drops responsibly.

60K POAPs is a lot for an IRL event, it doesn’t seem realistic.
Please check the Issuer Guidelines for tips on sizing:

Last, but not least:
The public-facing metadata of a POAP is frequently the aspect most appreciated by collectors, second only to the format of the drop itself. Both the copy (title, body text) and artwork should reflect the significance of the occasion commemorated. Quality art and well-written copy are frequently the make-or-break factors for curators in determining whether a drop meets the standards of the POAP ecosystem.

Please update the description, following the guidelines:

  • Copy should include some information about the reason behind the drop. What is being commemorated?
  • Information about where and when the event is taking place should be included.

Hey @Fio
Thanks a lot for your detailed reply.
I fully get your points and we managed to apply the required modifications to the drops and distribution method. Hope that now they’re a bit more aligned with the POAP guidelines.

For the distribution, we have redesigned our tool: each drop has a QR, when users scan it, they are redirected to a webpage where they need to insert their email address; they will get an email back with the claim link if their email address is whitelisted.
Everyday from the 15th to the 24th, before coming to the event, people need to register online their email address for the current day, so we have the full whitelist of all the participants addresses and we are able to prevent the POAP farming from non participants.
I completely understand that the Magic Dispenser is a better and more functional way to distribute POAPs IRL, but in this specific occasion we can’t really rely on a stable internet connection.

I also have updated the description of each POAP, including the venue of the event and a bit more details.

Regarding the drop size, i need at least 2k links per letter, except for the letter “O” which counts only 15 links, with a total size of 10015 POAPs, that’s really the minimum amount we need for the event.

Thanks again for your help

Hey @Fio
Just received the emails with .txt files, thank you so much for these first links.
However, i understand that 2k links per drop might seem a lot, but actually there will be around 3000 participants to this event. So, even assuming that not everyone will claim the POAPs, 200 links per drop is still too little for our needs; hope that we could receive the remaining ones.

Thanks again for your patience.

Hey @Mullet

Curation approved the petitions for 200 each because we’re still concerned about the possibilities of farming. 1,000+ POAPs is a big responsibility, especially for a first-time issuer.

My suggestion is that you distribute the first 200 and request a top-up if needed. If you have the emails of the participants, distribution shouldn’t be an issue.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Hey @Fio
I surely can request a top up after the first 200s, but the claim for the first drop - for example - is expected to last a day, so i’m a bit worried that the top up process will take too long and we won’t get the links on time. Starting with 200 links and requesting top ups on-the-go until 2k it’s a bit tricky when managing an event with around 3000 people.

However, as i said before, i’m not a first time POAP issuer and i’m pretty sure that our team can conduct the POAPs distribution correctly.

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