Approval request for #65802

  1. Drop ID #65802

  2. Community information - We’re a stealth web3 infra protoco
    Twitter - htttps://
    To be launched site -

  3. Nature of the event - We’re doing an exciting reveal for our project. Planning to distribute the POAP to our early community members & supporters. This POAP will be used in our discord channel, and in the future we’ll use it in more cool ways (trying to remain secret here… :))

  4. Distribution plan - This POAP will be available to claim via multiple channels. Since we’re launching multiple features like our website, community and more (:eyes:), we’ll distribute the POAP via these channels.

  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? - I didn’t provide a sufficient description, because I wanted to generate the links ASAP, and edit the POAP details later (we’re on a tight schedule).
    I’d really appreciate you approving our request, it means a lot to us.
    Thanks in advance, Yuval :volcano:

:wave: :ocean:@YuvalLava

Your drop has been positively reviewed for 100 Mint-links. :tada:

Please distribute these Mint-links first. After doing so, you can create a top-up request for more at this URL:POAP - The bookmarks of your life

Curation will review the request based on your drop distribution.

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