Approval Request: Event #40967 - 999 Club - All 3 Digit ENS Domains Minted - 4/24/22 - 2022

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    Approval Request: Event #40967 - 999 Club - All 3 Digit ENS Domains Minted - 4/24/22 - 2022

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    We have the main ENS discord as well as multiple Twitter accounts promoting this new honorary club to celebrate people being apart of the first ENS domains being all minted out (000-999)

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Bumping this, we will need another drop for the 10k crew as well. First this 1k club to celebrate. Please approve ASAP, open since 4/24/22

Hey @meador.eth

It seems it’s a past event. Do you have a list of the event attendees?

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Yes we have a list of the attendees within the 10k Club Discord that RSVP’d for this event and would like to distribute this to them as soon as possible. Thank you!!


Discord: 10K Club

News Article Today, we are on the largest’ tech news in China!

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Please update when possible, we are hosting another space tonight and would like to dispatch these POAPs from the previous celebration. The club still stands and the hype is still here, so please inform of the status as soon as possible. Thank you!

Status update for this thread above, thanks!

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Can you please clarify how do you plan to distribute the mint links?

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