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  1. 42997 & 42998

  2. I am Chair of EDS at UNITEC university and do regular workshops, webinars, events in general teaching students about electronics and crypto.
    Link for these two events:

  1. Both events are part of a 3 session series of workshops about crypto. The idea is to give a POAP at each event and for attending all 3 events give a unique poap.

  2. I intended to do a Secret Word distribution, but I had a problem with the POAP image, they appear very light like pale. I’m not sure what the issue was, and I just figure it might be the method of distribution, so I just requested links to distribute by email to people who attend the workshops.

Can you tell me why the PNGs appear lighter on the minted poap?

  1. Why do you believe this petition is being held? I’m not sure, high demand on petitions?

Hey @gcd :slight_smile:
Those 2 events were rejected as they have the same artwork as your previous petition.
We don’t do any post processing on artworks, so those images must have been that light to begin with.
Maybe the program you are using isn’t correctly displaying it ? Or it changes during some exporting process ?
The distribution method also doesn’t affect the image, you can even use multiple distribution methods for the same event.

You can just create test events with 0 codes requested to check how your artwork would look like for the real thing in the gallery (
If you have any questions/problems regarding this process, please contact our supporter under Support | POAP Directory.


Hi @HeuRea

Thank you for the response and for the information.

I will check what was the problem on my end and try to solve it.

It didn’t occur to me to use the same art on the testing environment to see how it looks. Awesome information.


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