Approval request #41931 - Infinite Abundance Masterclass

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1.#41931 - Infinite Abundance Masterclass 4-30-2022
2.It serves to celebrate, acknowledge, and reward those who empower themselves. Hidden rewards are unlocked when we decide to Eliminate middle men(excuses) and begin the deliberate act of Taking life into our own control.
3. Secret word
4. Not sure as this is the first time i’ve done one i’m wondering what it could be and would like to get it addressed so that we can keep our integrity within our community. This is our first endeavor and want to show that we are legitimate.

Hey @popesance1295, :slight_smile:
I see your event, but I don’t see any outstanding code requests for it.
Did you request any codes for it ?

And it seems to be a past event now, right ?
If so, requesting mint links would be appropriate here, in case you have any contact information about your attendees.

Code requests, I believe that’s where i got confused. Since it was a virtual event i misunderstood it thinking i didn’t need request codes because we were using a secret word. It is a past event that was held yesterday sat April 30th. I do have contact info so i will resubmit with corrections. Thank you for responding. This is a learning experience, excited to get it right.

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Np !
Yeah, our interface can be pretty confusing.
We made a positive review of your drop :slight_smile: