Approval Request - #28085

Event ID#: 28085
Description: Deathwish 365 - Valentine’s Day
Date: Feb 14 2022
Codes Requested: 100
Distribution Method: Private List, Discord, Manual

Hello, I have not received codes for event #28085.
Please advise on how to proceed.
This is our first POAP for our project, and the audience is expectant.

We also over-requested (and again on the re-request).
Our event only needs 100, and we have already collected wallets / closed the submission.

I’m reading in other threads that you’ll want information about our project so I’ll get ahead of it now and give you some details here:

DEATHWISH 365 is a daily 1-of-1 project, where career artist Steve Tenebrini draws and delivers a unique hand-crafted skull portrait every day within this year. The collection is sold out and continues to have a lot of anticipation for each new day/drop.

For special holidays (like our Valentine’s case in event #28085) we have a special event in the Discord and hoped to offer a POAP for participants. They manually submit addresses via a locked channel, we prune for bots (exiled 20 accounts) and intend to apply the codes manually once they arrive.

Our official project link:
Our Discord: DEATHWISH 365

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Closing this petition out → duplicate post.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body