Approval of several Drops - New Use Case

I’m writing to you because I have 30 drops that haven’t been reviewed yet and it’s been more than 24 hours. The reason why we have that many requests is because we want every person to have an individual POAP.
My name is Jopo and my partner’s name is Manu, we are starting exploring the world of Blockchain in a serius way. We both held an Advanced Certification on Blockchain issued by ITBA and during our time there the POAP caught our attention. We believe this is a strong tool to potentiate the adoption of NFTs and that’s why we are exploring different kind of use cases and along the way we are getting more people to know more about this thriving world.
This time we are giving away individual POAPs that not only are memories from an event but also 3 out of 30 represent the winning of a raffle. This way we use prizes as hook and without knowing they will get their first POAP, opening a new world for them. All requests are private and are non-profit.
I follow with the requested data:

  • 74348 to 74351
  • 74353 t0 73462
  • 7464
  • 74367 to74375
  • 74380
  • 74382 to 74384
  • 74386 and 74387
  1. Community information
    We are writing this blog (Fans 3.0 – Medium) that aims to help people understand Blockchain in non-so-technical vocabulary. We want more people to know the benefits of this technology on their daily life, especially artists.

  2. Nature of the event
    We have a personal celebration and we want our guests to participate in an interesting experience based on Blockchain.

  3. Distribution plan
    We will convert links into QRs and give them personally to each guest so that we make sure no one gests more than one POAP and the raffle is fair. We are sharing our wi-fi credentials to facilitate the installment of the POAP app and we are going to be available for them in case of need of assistance.

  4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I belive most issuers create one NFT for the whole audience and that is fine but we are exploring a new use case that depends on the singularity of each of them to make it works.

Thank you in advace for reading us and feel free to contact us for further information (

Hello @Fans3.0

Please be aware that POAP is meant to be a digital representation of a shared memory.
The Curators will not normally approved POAP drop petitions of 1 or 2 POAPs.

Each POAP is intended to contain unique artwork to the event it is commemorating.

The questions that Curators would like to have answered as they review POAP Drop petitions are:

  1. What is this POAP and its artwork commemorating?
  2. Who is eligible to receive the POAP?
  3. What does the person have to do to receive the POAP?
  4. How is the Issuer proving attendance or verifying that the person was present at the event?
  5. How is the POAP going to be distributed?
  6. When did the event occur?

My questions to you about your POAP Drop Petitions are:

  1. what exactly are you commemorating?
  2. Is this going to an in real life event (IRL) or virtual/online event?

You stated:

While your thought process is creative, this is not a use use that will be not normally be supported.

I encourage you to reconsider the artwork and create a singular POAP for the people to claim that has unique artwork to commemorate each specific event that you would like to celebrate!

Hello Julie,

Thanks for the answer and clarify the issue.
Yes, we are aware, we wanted to create a personalize POAP for the event. It is going to be the first POAP/Nft experience for many at the event. That is why we were trying to create a unique POAP for each attendant.

Regarding your questions:

  1. Jopo’s birthday

  2. The people who will assist Jopo’s birthday. Friends, family and co-workers

  3. Most of them are nor familiarize with POAP, so we made a POAP station where they will be able to download the app and get registered to reclaim there POAP. The prize of this effort is that they will be able to participate in our raffle with their POAP.

4 and 5. We will convert the links into QRs, print them into cards and distribute them personally to each guest when they arrive the event, this way we will be sure no one will get more than one POAP and the raffle is fair. We are sharing our wi-fi credentials to facilitate the installment of the POAP app and we are going to be available for them in case of need of assistance.

  1. The event is going to be tomorrow at 6pm (-3:00 UTC). It would be great if we can have confirmation regarding the drops 24hs before the event.

  2. The event is going to be a real-life event.

Hope this helps. We believe this will be a great occasion to help our attendants to understand the value of POAP and bring the closer to all blockchain apps.

Hello @Fans3.0

We are requesting that you re-structure this into two distinct POAPs.

  1. for the attendees of the birthday party with its own artwork
  2. for the people who helped organize the party with its own artwork

POAPs are representative of the shared memories among a group of people.
Creating multiple 1/1 POAPs does not fulfill this underlying philosophy of POAP.

Due to inactivity, this thread will close if you do not reply soon.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body