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  1. #72772
  2. The best thing that´s happened at Herman since the 2021 Christmas party !
    This is our firm website: Herman & partnerji
  3. We are celebrating first of many events that are going to happen in the future. It is important for celebrating and joining teams and people together. Thats why we want to create Poap, to join people together.
  4. Through QR codes at the event.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held? No idea, the test went through just fine. We just updated our desgin.

Hello @herman

It looks like your team did in fact create the event, but no mint links were ever requested during setup.
You’ll have to use your edit code on ( to request mint links there.
After that, you’ll want to set up the POAP KIOSK by following our guide here: POAP Magic Dispenser is now POAP Kiosk

So we can request for example 60 mint links, and wtih Poap Kiosk, we will generate one qr kode or main link? So that we can distribute them all at once?

Thank you for your help!

Hello @herman

The POAP Kiosk displays a dynamic QR that refreshes when a user scans it.
It is farmer-resistant and suitable for use in physical events and online streams.

Hello, one question, because we are slovenian speaking firm and would like to make an introduction to making Poap, is there any posability, that we make a landing page, with button that leads to claiming your Poap?

Meaning if the person would scan QR code (made by us), that would lead them to ours “landing page” with like a greeting and a button: CLAIM YOUR NFT, - can we inserte anykind of “main link” that people would be able to claim it?

Thanks for your help,

Hello @herman

Here is the information about the tech side of POAP and API

Due to inactivity, this thread will close if you do not reply soon.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body