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I work at Paid Network and we would like to start using POAPs for several marketing events that we are hosting. This could be ama’s, attendance at online events like game night.

This request is a bit different maybe. We have a warrior program that is a seperate group within our community. They get rewarded with rep points. We just finished season 1 and we would like to give out the POAP to everyone that was involved in season. As the warriors are a important part of our community we want to give them voting powers and we believe that using is the best tool for this.

The request for now is for a secret word because it will be distributed via telegram, but we will switch soon to discord and use the discord bot for it.

Please let me know if there are any questions! Thank you!

Hello Ela,

Thanks for your request, keep in mind though that these posts belong in #community instead of site-feedback. You can get access via the introduction thread: Introduce yourself to access the #Community category!

The event you asked approval for was reviewed a few days ago for the first time. 50 mint links where provided. The reason we didn’t grant all of the requested codes was because we had no information about the size of your community.

We will reconsider this decision with the information you provided us. However a secret word is not a good distribution method for big online communities. The word will probably leak quickly and your POAP will get farmed, which will leave your real users with no POAP. Something we try to avoid.

My suggestion would be to request a top-up with mint links instead.

Kevster from the Curation Body

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Thanks for the reply! Ive introduced myself so I will definitely do it correct next time (or so I hope)

The complete community for the warriors is around 10K. In this case we have a separate group for the ones active in season 1 and that’s a little bit over 400, should. We asked for 500 so team could pretest and we would be sure of having enough.

Totally agree with the fact that a secret word is horrible to use but our community is currently on telegram. Until we move to discord we either need a secret word or general link or else the admin tasks are going to be too much to even use poaps.

again thank you!

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