Appeal for One link - Event ID 79422

  1. Drop ID/event ID: 79422
  2. Community information
  3. Nature of the event
    We are a marketing agency helping digitalize the launch of a perfume brand in a private event for 50 people in Mexico tomorrow. Each of the 50 participants will receive an NFC card that they can scan to get access to a website showing more info about the launch, and our idea was for them to get a POAP that shows they attended the event, just as a souvenir, this poap won´t unlock any vip access or anything like that.
  4. Distribution plan
    Through an NFC card gifted to each of the 50 participants
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    We understand that the kiosk with the QR is the best solution, but the perfume brand was extremely eager to show it in the NFC card, so even though we are suggesting to have the kiosk solution, we would like to get an exception and get the approval for the one link to be shown in our NFC card, only for the duration of the event (4hs). We will even communicate the assistors and encourage them to do it as soon as they enter the event so that as soon as we reach the limit of our poap collection, we make sure each of them have it and it doesn´t leak.
    So if we can also edit the POAP.Website to be active for only 4 hours, would be good too

COO and founder of Unicke

Hello @Lucho

The distribution that is proper for this in real life event is the POAP KIOSK.
People would be able to scan the KIOSk app as they are getting the NFC card.
here are the set up instructions:

Sounds like a fun event!

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