Appeal for #88359 - Proof of Hug (POH) - A POAP for the TimePieces Artist Dinner in Miami

  1. Drop ID : 88359
  2. Community information

Timepieces Twitter Account

  • Checking the above link you can see that the event is live!

Proof of my association with TimePieces as a community member

  1. Nature of the event

Tonight is TimePieces Artists Dinner in Miami and 150 plus TimePieces artists and community members are getting together to celebrate art. As a TimePieces Community member, I wanted to provide my friend with a beautiful memory, designed by the outstanding artist, Pablo Stanley. The POAP that we designed is called Proof of Hug (POH) and it is to remember the importance of IRL relationships and communities.

  1. Distribution plan
    The goal was/is to provide a secret word to the audience, live during the dinner, and they would mint it then. If this takes too much time, then I have to send the mint link via email, which is very unfortunate!!!

  2. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Considering that TimePieces is one of the most renowned Web3 organizations, which also frequently issues POAPs, and the fact that my association with them can easily be proved, as well as the fact that the number of POAPs was not significant, I am afraid I do not see anything but insufficient familiarity with the Web3/NFT space being the reason; unless my initial application had a problem that I am unaware of.

I appreciate your consideration, and I hope you reconsider the decision, allowing this beautiful art to get minted by the TimePieces artists and community for a celebration of such an important event.


hello @SoheilAhmadi

Is this now a past event?
was this an in real life meet up in Miami?

Hello @julie ,

I appreciate your question.
The event was an IRL event in Miami last night. The TimePieces is now sending a thank you email to all the 150 participants, and we are hoping to include the POAP link in the emails.

Please let me know if you have further questions!