Appeal for #85431

I have received a notification that my POAP request (Drop ID: 85431) has not received approval.

I’m new in POAP, this is my first one and it is a test. I’m an artist and it is for my project ForestStillness, an interactive installation that was recently selected for an important exhibition / award in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The link for the project is still not ready, anyway, you could see it here, on the notion page:

The opening of the exhibition is on Tuesday 29.11 for the jury and Friday 2.12 for the public.

It will be a relatively big audience, perhaps 100 persons, and the public will mint the POAP for the artwork.

They will generate these „trees“ with their stillness.

Can you please let me know what I have done wrong so that I can resubmit my test?

And if it works I would like generate them definitively and a pop Kiosk to distribute them

Thank you!

Hello @mariana

please request a top up by navigating to this link and using your edit code:

Hello Julie, thank you for your help!

I think that it works now :slight_smile: I have received the links


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Hello @mariana

You are welcome!
Take Care!