Appeal for #38292 - THORSwap V2 Launch 8PM UTC TODAY

  1. Drop ID #38292 - THORSwap V2 Launch

2. Community information
THORSwap - Flagship DEX of THORChain
Discord: ⚡ THORSwap

2. Nature of the event
We are celebrating the launch of THORSwap V2 interface and THORChain ChaosNet’s first year anniversary.

3. Distribution plan
It will be dropped to participants of our special birthday celebration Twitter Space hosted on

The plan is to drop it via a website link (posted to the spaces near end of the event).

4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
I incorrectly set up the POAP by requesting 500 mint links, we were issued 250 and then I requested 250 more (rejected I believe). After discussing with support staff, I realised I should have requested 0 links and then set up the website after event approval. Please understand this is my first time setting up website drop method so it was not intentional, simply ignorance on my part!

Our twitter space is happening really soon 8PM UTC April 14th, so if we could get a website poap set up (ideally with 500 poaps but I’d settle with 250) that would be amazing, thank you so much!

PS: my previous post here was flagged as spam by akismet, I am sorry for double posting, it’s just that this is quite urgent, thank you for your understanding :pray:

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Please help, our Twitter Space is soon approaching, it was a new user mistake on my part. I’d really appreciate it if Curators can help me change our drop from mint links to website instead :pray:

Hey @paperX

Please check: How Do I Set Up a POAP Secret? | POAP Help Center

I’m closing this thread to avoid confusion.

The POAP Curation Boty