Announcing POAP Directory: For all your "Navigating the POAP Ecosystem" needs

Ever wondered where to find the plug-and-play ecosystem around POAP?

Look no further… V1 of POAP Directory is now live at From better distribution to ways to have fun with friends, you can finally find all the resources you need in one place!

The POAP Directory is expected to serve as a much-needed hub for the omniscient and all-reaching octopus that is the POAP ecosystem.

  • Everyone can get oriented in the POAP ecosystem under the “Getting Started” section, which links to all actively maintained community hubs.
  • Issuers can find a one-stop shop for getting through the POAP issuance process under “Issue POAPs”, and more to do with their communities in “After Dropping…”
  • Creators are welcome to submit resources to the directory.
  • We welcome your feedback via the form in the footer.

For more information: Twitter thread