Announcing Custom GitPOAPs (CGs)!

Hey POAP folks!

I’m the Operations Lead at GitPOAP - very excited to be a part of the POAP ecosystem! If you’re unfamiliar with GitPOAP or need a refresher on what we’re working on, check out this previous post: Hello from GitPOAP!.

As many of you might know, we’re launching a new product here at GitPOAP called Custom GitPOAPs (also known as CGs) on Wednesday (November 16)!

We’re expanding beyond our current use-case of awarding POAPs to folks who contribute to open-source software on GitHub. CGs create a way to award a GitPOAP for any type of contribution to a customizable, time-bound, collaborative effort.

We’re particularly excited about this launch as it’s a significant step towards becoming a general service for issuing badges for various professional contributions, not just software-related.

What will the review process look like before getting to POAP?

The GitPOAP team will manually review all Custom GitPOAP creation requests to maintain & ensure quality POAP drop requests. Only after they are approved on our side will we kick off a POAP drop request.

It will remain incredibly important for us to be good POAP citizens and follow best practices to lessen the curation burden on you.

What is changing with Custom GitPOAPs?

Instead of basing GitPOAP eligibility purely on GitHub activity, with CGs, project maintainers will manually choose who will be eligible for their GitPOAP by specifying a GitHub username, Ethereum address or email. Only this pre-specified list of people will be able to mint their GitPOAPs through (same as our current flow).

With Custom GitPOAPs, more POAP designs will be done by the project teams rather than our GitPOAP design team. However, we are upholding the same design requirements & standards to ensure high-quality artwork.

What will remain unchanged?

We will still be supporting our current product that you all are familiar with (Annual Contributor GitPOAPs) - You will continue to see steady drop requests come through for those.

We’re very thankful for your continued support - Please let us know what questions or recommendations you have as we embark on this new adventure of Custom GitPOAPs!


Love the idea, it opens a whole new way of providing credit to contributors! Definitely will be using it in future. :grinning: There’s so much collaboration going into projects, that extends beyond code, so I’m happy that we can provide GitPOAPs to these contributors too. :+1:


So excited for non-technical people to have a chance to earn a GitPOAP!