An Ongoing Thread of New Ideas & Questions for Creators & Collectors

POAP Friends,

So many great ideas and new info was mentioned on today’s first community call that I wanted to create an ongoing thread of new ideas in usage, creativity, distribution, & more. I think the meteoric usage of POAP NFTS will increase & many of you are serious about its successful future. So let the thread be questions, ideas, research, & case studies.

  1. How can POAPS be used for marketing?

  2. How can POAPS be used for education?

  3. What was the first POAP ever issued?

  4. How can POAPS be used in Youtube video watch retention?

  5. How can POAPS be used in weddings, graduations, & other life milestones?

  6. Who is using POAPS on Business Cards? Tips and ideas?

  7. How can POAPS be used to increase social media engagement that is not engagement farming but does build engagement?

  8. Has anyone considered turning POAPs into POGS?

  9. How about a church or Youth Groups using POAPS?

  10. What IF. WE the POAP community CREATE a 10k NFT DROP & PROJECT together?

  11. Can POAPS be used in fundraising? How?

Ok…more questions than anything but feel free to post ideas. Best practices, and new things. Let’s solve external, internal, & philosophical problems.

Until next time. Here to serve and encourage.

  • Dr. Malachi

PS- Fun Tweet for Research

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The idea of POAPs being used to verify educational materials is something that I am particularly interested in.

I was considering that they could be used to verify in-class lectures through some sort of secret word/QR code that was time-specific, and a summary of the main points of the information in the POAP description, so people could look back on them. Or maybe they are given out at the end of a course for completing it, with specific codes.

The watch retention is also something that I would like to hear other people’s thoughts on!
As an idea, POAPS could be used to verify that you have seen something. Perhaps by there being some cross-platform quiz about the information the video presented and maybe it could be coupled with a program/script that also tracks whether you have watched the full YouTube video?

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Do POAP issuers need more identity authentication and give more privileges to outstanding POAP creators, such as applying for a larger number of POAPs

Bumping because I like this thread. @DrMalachi you’re a real one.

Just came across this post and it`s a great one! A lot of great questions and things to think about.

I have thought about the POAPs in education recently. Just recently a Samsung backed university in Korea is implementing NFTs with there graduation certificates.

But the big hurdle seems to be transferability of these type of NFTs. If I can complete a class or other requirement to complete a class and then transfer the completion POAP or certificate POAP to another person it looses its value.

But there could be crazy interesting ways to control this, maybe putting identifiers on the actual POAP for example (ENS names, wallet address, other identifiers) that could “attach” a POAP to its original recipient. There may be other ways this can be technically done by not allowing a POAP to be transferred from the original owners wallet.

Great topics! Looking forward to discussing more idea and ways to use POAPs in the future.

The main feature we’re looking at in this regard is somehow “marking” that a POAP is in the wallet of the original minter. Blockchain provenance is a thing.

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