Adjust Delivery to conform to curators feedback

  1. Drop ID:
  • 70935
  • 70938
  • 70941
  • 70943
  • 70946
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  2. Nature of the event
    Three-day event in Decentraland to commemorate our collab with World of Women.
  3. Distribution plan
  4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    Hello, I would need help in setting up a Delivery.

The Fabricant collaborated with World of Women and RLTY to organise a 3 day event in Decentraland and wanted to distribute POAPs for the event attendance. I have spoken with Lucas from the POAP team Leah from the POAP help and was encouraged to write a post about the situation here.

I created 5 separate POAPs and 5 separate deliveries, but only one of them was approved. The negative feedback seems to be from the artwork for all these events being too similar to be in separate deliveries.

Now, I’d like to delete if possible the approved and non approved deliveries to instead create a unified delivery that consolidates the lists of wallets and has one artwork, so it would conform with the guidelines and feedback.

I tried to do this but I get an error message saying that the event ID’s do not conform, so I’m unable to move forward.

Could you help me please?

Thank you!

Hello @AndreaTF

Event 70946 was approved and already has some minted

Hi Julie, thank you for replying!

Is there a way for me to add the events the weren’t approved ( 70935, 70938, 70941, 70943) into the one that was approved (70946)? This would be to make a unique Delivery for all our events, instead of multiple separate ones.

Or, is there a way for me to add more wallets to the list of 70946?

Also, do you know why when I try to edit event 70946 I get an error saying that the edit code is wrong? Do the edit codes expire?

Thank you,

Hello @AndreaTF

Once a delivery is created the list of wallet addresses cannot be edited.
Due to the large presence of farmers wallets among the delivery addresses, the other event ids have all been reviewed negatively.

The delivery for event 70946 is the only one to be approved.