Additional mint links request - # 52744 - Workshop de la Comunidad de Chainlink en Español 01/07/2022

Dear POAP team:
I’m publishing this because I have an issue with a drop I requested. I completed all the data required for the drop, except for the number of links requested. The thing is that now the drop has expired, and I’m not able to ask for more codes in order to do the deliver them as planned.
I would need 80 codes in order to do the drop, the event has already happened so I’m in a bit of a rush.
Thanks in advance!

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Un placer, espero que estes excelente. Trata de comunicarte con

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Hey @Mrtranquilidad

You can request a top-up for your drop:

Q: how do you plan to distribute the POAPs?

Hey Fio hope you are good, sorry for my ignorant, what is a top-up? and this drop is not mine haha :laughing:

Hi Fio! Thanks for the response (even though you replied to @Mrtranquilidad , I think the reply was directed at me haha)
Answering your question, we were planning to deliver the links manually via e-mail to the participants of the workshop.

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Exito para todos y todas :star_struck:

Hey @sriosmaderna

Sorry, my bad :sweat_smile:

Congrats, your petition received a positive review :slight_smile: