Active POAPs being revoked with no explaination

Hi, I received this email this morning -

POAP is taking steps to improve the security & stability of our core infrastructure. Sometimes, this comes with growing pains.

On Thursday November 17th, we’ll need to revoke some POAP mint links that are currently active. This will ensure that going forward POAPs are only minted by people who earned them.

You’re receiving this message because you have a drop that’s currently live, and we’ll need to disable the outstanding active mint links.

If you’re currently using those mint links, please get in touch with our customer support team and reference this email, along with the email address you used to create your drop. They’ll work with you to quickly get you fresh active mint links.

It doesn’t tell me which of my POAPs are affected or why? We go through a great deal of effort to make sure our POAPs are only available to those who complete the correct steps in order to to be rewarded. I have spoken with someone on your Live Chat who couldn’t tell me why they are being revoked but could confirm that they will no longer be able to be claimed from tomorrow. I’m so confused and upset by this! I feel this is so wrong on so many levels! No one other than our team are able to claim our POAPs and they have to complete a number of tasks before they will be issued their unique code to claim. There are no security issues with how we do it, so why is this happening?

Can you please pause revoking our POAPs until we can get a clear explanation?

I posted this in Curation Policy too as that seems like a better place for this, but it has been closed already

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Thanks for sharing @incryptin

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