About the method to distribute POAPs at DCL for large events

As event organizers, we want our events to be open, fun, and make the whole community more connected.

Distributing our own POAPs at events is meaningful, it maks the collective and individual experience a permanent record and it’s a way to show our appreciation to every participant.

But inevitably, as we attract more participants, we also attract POAP farmers. We struggle with this all the time.

We’re about to have our biggest DCL event of the year, and there are many events throughout the year where POAPs will be released.

Can anyone give us any advice on how to distribute them?


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We are happy that you can distribute POAPs at your events :purple_heart:

POAP farmers are a minority in the community, but a loud one. That’s why POAP drop creators are expected to be responsible on the way they distribute POAPs to community members. You can learn more about the subject here or contact the Customer Support team on the chat bubble at https://poap.xyz/