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Discourse, Can you please approve #22291 - Nomad Blvd x Gemma Welcome Stamp - 2022 as well. Appreciate the help!!! Community is coming after us :sweat_smile:

I’ve got a few of your staff as mutual follows like Shamy and Tyler so not sure who’s running this account here, I might be talking to you :slight_smile: Congrats on your POAP 25 days, was a great initiative you laid out for ppl to explore POAP

Hello all, I am SP (pikachu MD) on twitter. I go by @ttyl5h and pikachu#6696 on discord.

I am a crypto newbie from 2020, and started getting into POAPs last October! I heard about it from Isabel during the NFT NYC events when there was a call for artists! So far, I am now contributing and volunteering over at POAPathon where I make social media posts, assemble bounties, and other stuff. I also participate there as that is what got me into POAPathon and POAPs first, being an artist!

I have used POAPs to test, grant POAPs to early supporters of my art and crypto journey, celebrate events and milestones involving communities, celebrate IRL events such as New Year’s, and now for visitors of my VR gallery!

*Will link my POAPs when I come back to this post, as it is kinda hard on mobile.

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You’re speaking with Shamy on here :slight_smile: Thank you for the kind words it means a lot, we’re just getting started with POAP :smiling_imp:


Posting over here too! Excited to be here :wave:

Here are a few previous POAPs we’ve done for our community events

Hi, my Name is Rush. 0xNegi#1337 on Discord. I’m the Community Manager for DFX Finance.

I would like to request access to the top-level gated section for expedited approvals.

Below are the two previous drops I’ve requested in the past for our community.

[redacted because of new user 2 link limit] #2741006

Here’s one that is currently awaiting approval for our upcoming Ambassadors Welcoming event.

[redacted because of new user 2 link limit] #22829

While the next two POAPs are not from ours, we’ve had cross community calls with UMA and have had POAPs made/issued on behalf of us by one of their amazing artists, @SurfTranquille.

[redacted because of new user 2 link limit] #3458675
[redacted because of new user 2 link limit] #1310402

With this request, I hope to organize and manage even more events in a fun and engaging way with future drops.

Thank you POAP team for all your amazing hard work!

Hi, I am JimmyT (@JimmyT_NFTs) I run an animated Podcast about NFTs with CalcioNFT. I am also the content creator for CryptoDads (NFT Collection).

We run regular Twitter spaces and like to use POAPs for attendees.

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Hey - I am a techie, gamer and consultant with over 15 years of experience implementing software solutions for small businesses and Enterprises. I am the owner and founder of Black Multiverse Enterprises and Technikole Consulting. My current efforts find me helping individuals and businesses find their way to the Metaverse and Multiverse.

I am leveraging POAPs to introduce folks to the decentralized opportunities around the 'Verse(s). As part of both of those initiatives I operate several groups and when not in the 'Verse I can be found providing training and education on VR and Discord.

Previous POAPs created: 23165, 22267, 21269 and 20243

Hello Poap team!

We are Sugar Club Metaverse. Our project was created in 2019 to create, curate and host exclusive Virtual events in the metaverse in Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. We are the first club to host meet ups in DCL with an enthusiast crowd of fans that enjoy partying virtually, socialize and share knowledge in this NFT space. We engage about 1000 users per week during our events.

We are also a early Poap issuer as well . We have been using this service for a while now and we hope to continue into the future as well. Our community loves the POAP drops including in our VIP area.

here are some links to our social media and NFT spaces:


Thank you !
Sugar Club Team

Hi there, POAP community!

I’m Chavis, I work design and growth over at Index Coop. We’ve been pretty avid issuers of POAPs for our events, both virtual and IRL, since early last year.

I’ve got a post/question about POAP best practices and some of the things we’ve tried written out - hoping to get permissions to post it

We’ve used POAPs for all sorts of things from IRL events, virtual events, giveaways, incentivizing voter turnout in the DAO.

Some POAPs of ours (tried to post more but newcomers just get two links!)

Hello, my name is Gabriele Sibelli, Siberia7922#0390 on Discord.
I am based in Milan, Italy. I am on of the 4 co-founders of Brandverse UG, a Berlin Based company in the NFT space.

Brandverse is a community driven project focused on building Metaverse wearable brands and bridging the gap between physical and digital fashion.

The community will be a very important part of our project, as they will be involved in voting and taking part in contests to define the tangible elements of our wearable brands (such a brand logo, slogan etc).
POAPs will be an important element of our project, they will be used to reward active members of our communities. Community members that will collect an X amount of POAPs in time will be rewarded.

We are now preparing our first POAP drop: 100 POAP for our 100 OG that will join our closed discord.

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@HeuRea This would be the second reference in our curation/cs group i was speaking about!
IPlease let me know if he can get access #community channel so he can post a Topic

Hey friends,

I’m bingnan.eth, a web3 BUIDLer. I have been working in prop trading industry focusing on quantitative analysis with advanced statistical tools and programming. Meanwhile, I’m keen on establishing connection with people, building community and connect friends.

I started investing in BTC (as a retail investor) since 2018 and dived in DeFi and the general web3 rabbit hole since 2021 Sep. Now I am an active contributor of Real-UnknownDAO.

POAPs I have created (event IDs):

  • 8070
  • 17634
  • 16651

I’m also an early issuer of POAP

My profiles:

  • Twitter:@brillliantz
  • Weibo:@2621383013
  • RSS3:bingnan.eth

Well hello there!

I’ve created several posts in here but haven’t really taken the time yet to properly introduce myself!

I’m Plushy, Community Manager & Content Creator for Raptor City Rascals. Recently I’ve discovered the magic of POAPs and have taken up the task to provide our lovely community of animated POAPs once in a while. So far they’ve been loving every single one of them and that makes me super happy.

The weather here in Belgium is awful and I love my two cats and my girlfriend - not necessarily in that order :wink:

Nice to meet all of you!

Hi there,

My name is Shayan, and in this context, founder of Shir Ya Khat podcast.

We previously did a certification poap for our Solidity course graduates:

We have designed a new POAP to drop to our Gitcoin and Giveth grants contributors.

Hey POAP team, Alona here - Gro protocol’s community manager :slight_smile:

We previously distributed POAPs to the participants of our token launch in collaboration with our partners -Copper/Alchemist:


Our community absolutely loved it and now our decentralized marketing team called G-Force has set out to start organising POAPs to distribute to those who attend community calls, which I think is a wonderful idea! We are super excited to bring more POAPs to our community and are really looking forward to working with you!

Alona & Gro community

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Hi everyone! This is Joyce from Gro protocol :purple_heart:

I’m based in London and primarily working on marketing, BD/Partnership, and Operations with Gro. We use POAP to recognize early users of our new products and community calls (as Alona mentioned above)! Thanks for the great work!

Hi there,
I am Ardian (discord: bl00dy#7752) from Pillar Project!
I enjoy creating POAPs and got the Early Issuer POAP badge :slight_smile:
Glad to be here!

Hello! My name is Chase and I’m a contributor at Index Coop, RabbitHole, Decentology, and occasionally Forefront.

I have distributed POAPs before for Index Coop (like this one) and am a big fan of what POAP is doing for communities.

I have a podcast called On the Other Side, which explores the human side of web3. I want to use POAPs to recognize listeners who have supported the podcast by listening, donating to the podcast on Gitcoin, and other ways people have engaged with the show!

I’m incredibly passionate about exploring how web3 will impact the human experience and POAPs are a great way to translate those human experiences on-chain.

Hi, My name is Irene, who manage the SPAC-NFT community. Ofcourse, inclusive of all events.

SPAC-NFT has a wide range of application scenarios for casting, issuance, trust and trading. SPAC-NFT bridges the boundaries between physical assets and virtual assets.

We are welcome everyone from around the world to participate in all our events. We are honored to distribute POAPs to event participants as a Proof of Attendence and POAPs can be a raffle ticket, , it realy meant and helpful to us.

Hopefuly can get access into #Community category.

I would thanks POAP Team for your support! Cheers!