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Hi, I’m chaindler (real name Matthias),
I came across POAP a few weeks back and I love it. I think it’s such an easy entry into the web3/nft world and event participants only need a wallet address not more - it’s brilliant :blush:
Going to start a few events teaching people how to use web3; one first event will be our upcoming "prototyping week’:

Glad to be here :hugs:

Hi I am community manager of NFT art project Capsule House. I have done these previous drops:

We make poaps to reward our community for attending community events. Would love to get approved to post to get approved for further events.

Hi everyone! My name is Phoebe. My username on Discord is Nob#1891.

I just newly created a POAP and would like to distribute the POAP to people who have visited our building at Decentraland as proof of attendance.

Delivery: #1338 for Event/s: #25467 is what I am seeking approval for. Please let me know if there is any other information I am missing.

Hey I am Laurent, Lead support and community builder at Snapshot Labs.
We love what you are doing guys !

Hello everyone,
I’m Ginseng I’m an Executive Coach and Marketing Analyst! I’ve recently launched an NFT project that will allow holders to get coaching and mentoring services from an International Coaching Federation recognized coach.

I’ve recently had two events connected to this project. During the first one I had the first ever mentoring/Q&A session on my discord server:

More recently I’ve started having lessons in various school here in Italy during which I wanted to give people the opportunity to get a POAP to commemorate the moment…Unluckily this last event got farmed and my students couldn’t get the paop, that’s how I discovered this community hoping to find other motivated people and hopefully someone that could help me with this situation:


Can’t wait to learn more about POAPs and give value back to this community,

Best regards,


thanks for this post


My name is Shelley. I manage The Rocking Uniquehorns (TRU) Band Room in Decentraland. We host numerous live concerts a week and offer 2 POAPs per event–one for general attendance and one for our VIP nft holders. While we work to secure POAP deliveries and reduce farming, I’m busy creating retroactive POAP.deliveries for our events. I collect wallet addresses from attendees and manually clean the lists prior to whitelisting.

Here are a couple of examples:

Greatly appreciate all you do at POAP!

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Hey, I’m part of the EPNS Governance Team. We love POAP and hoping to send out those for our upcoming events.

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Hello :grinning:
I’m Akane Yoshinaga. Please call me “Akane”.
I’m creator in Japan.
I like festivals, so sometimes I organize my own events.
I found POAP to be a very excellent gift for those who participated.

Here are the POAPs that I have published in the past.

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gm! gm! Hi everyone! :man_technologist: My name is Brian and I’m a web2 and web3 developer, YouTuber/Podcast Host of the Tech Stack Playbook, and I am passionate about NFTs, DAOs, and blockchain technology.

My very first NFT EVER was ETHBoston’s Hackathon POAP back in 2019, and it’s been so cool to have been a part of this community and see it grow over the past several years. I love talking about POAP and it’s utility, especially memorializing events. In my last YouTube video, I actually featured the Snapshot voting & POAP claiming process on my last YouTube video on Developer DAO: What's a DAO? + How I Earned an NFT for Voting In One 💎 (POAP + Snapshot Web3 Blockchain Tutorial) - YouTube

I’ve mainly been testing POAPs for the DAOs I’m in and for work, but here are a few of the fun ones I’ve created to help educate teams on how the claim process and minting procedures work :blush:

[24341] 2022 Sunshine POAP NFT [January 23rd, 2022]

[33650] March 16, 2022 Testing POAP NFT [March 16th, 2022] #drop-requests

Happy to connect and support others in this exciting world of web3! Feel free to reach out anytime!

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Hi POAP community,

My name is Demian, I’m CEO of DAPPCRAFT. https://dappcraft.io

We create experiences for metaverses, such as
events, digital fashion, smart-contracts, 3D scenes, 3D animations, games.

We hosted more than 50 events in metaverses (mainly in Decentraland)

For reference, our first POAP event #359, and a few other examples: 18323, 5384, 4320, 3810

Previously, I did not know about the existence of this forum, and my colleague requested codes via mail, and each time we suffered due to not enough amount of codes (100 instead of 1000, as an example). We want to follow your flow and request codes through the forum, as it should be in your community.

Our events are attended by thousands of users. We use a POAP dispenser in Decentraland with captcha, and we promise to deliver quality drops.



Hi at all,

my Name is Carsten Lambrecht and i am a collector of analog and digital originals, started with :musical_score: music related things like music and audio books on :vhs: tape in the 1980ies, switching to vinyl records and CDs :cd: in the 90ies adding musical instruments :musical_keyboard: , boardgames :game_die: , Comis :man_superhero: and photography :camera: to my collections.

Since Vinyl has this charme of actively listening to music :headphones: i am often listening and discover new bands via streaming services but love to listen to them afterwards on vinyl.

I started my business career in the end of the 90ies with marketing and advertising, switiching to digital from 2000 and got 100% in digital since 2005. i have been working for some digital agencies but got into NFTs in the last year. so i added NFTs to my collections as well and switched from Digital Agencies to a 100% NFT JOB in 2022. Since January i am the General Platform Manager of

Creatokia is a literature and publishing related platform for NFTs.

My first Test Poap (with worng image size) has been this:

I created my first real POAP in the last week for Creatokia and am now waiting for approval for a POAP fort the next Event of Creatokia, the All about Blockchain digital summit.

I am really looking forward to add POAPs to the experience of our platform and as a connection to all community members.

Best wishes to all,
also known as CASILA or CASILAS around then net and Metaverse:

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This is a great example of a text book introduction . Thank you for sharing .

Hi Greg , fellow Aussie in North Queensland would love to conect . I am the Founder of The Corals NFT and assist local artists on their journey into the Web3 Space . I streamed Blockchain Australia via Linkedin . It was amazing .

Greetings. I am Chicken_McDougget#0511 on discord and @epluribuseth on Twitter. I have been using POAP for community building and giveaways. I have the early issuer role in Discord.

Here are two projects I have worked on in the past. The first is the Rocket Pool community POAP I did (photo below, sorry I don’t have the event number anymore), and the second is for the record label Dirtybird for a NFT project community builder and raffle POAP Gallery

I am currently helping organize an event called FOMO Party #40007 that I’d like to get approved. Thanks and happy to chat if you have any questions.

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Hello POAP Team.

We are creating POAPs for Kitty Coin project that lives on Polygon.
We are building a community that support artists, collectors and NFTs in general on Polygon!

Hello I’m Hippo.

I have background in offline marketing and event planning in Thailand

now, I am one of the admin for Snakedao, which we act like a digital library, we share the information, knowledge and work together to maximize the digital benefits for members.

I have studied about POAP since the end of 2021, and I love how POAP creates digital credential for the events participants.

my community use POAP for the participant that join our class event, which the latest is Hedge class.

this is the first POAP I was created: SnakeDAO x Mukamika - [50970]