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Hello! My name is Chiltepin. I am with the Doge Generals NFT Project. We use POAPs for our History Spaces discussions with history podcasters we host on Twitter. So far, I have minted five POAPs since Oct. 2021, but we are planning to host our History Spaces weekly moving forwards. I learned about POAPs through the Big Head (Stoner Cats), and the Doge NFT projects. I am a big fan of POAPs and all of the work the POAP team is doing for the community!

My name is Amanda, I am an artist and POAP enthusiast! :tada:
I make community Poaps for some of the Big Head Club educational events :cat: :japan:
Community art is a leading inspiration for my work, collaging the voices of each unique community I serve is a personal honor.
Here is a snapshot of some of the Poap event badges I have designed.

POAP is by far one of the best ecosystems that I have encountered in my time existing on the internet. :heart: I appreciate the invitation to the community space and will be here to hype the POAP mission along the way! :speaker:

A good morning, afternoon, evening to you all! :blue_heart: :unicorn:

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Hello everyone,

I’m elixirrr. I’m a content creator/community manager for Dragon City, a full-time learner of everything.

Dragon City is a virtual city built on Decentraland, a community district contributed and owned by members from all over the world. It is the first metaverse community on Decentraland to display traditional Chinese culture by combining emerging technologies. And it’s also one of the most popular communities on Decentraland.

It has become one of the traditions of the Dragon City community to hold various events on Decentraland, especially during traditional Chinese festivals. We have also held events IRL and given POAP to attendees as a commemorative badge: POAP Gallery

Personally, I’m a person who likes to store memories, and as our experiences and memories gradually become digital, I think it’s important to have a more secure and convenient way to keep them. I think POAP is definitely a great idea. Many thanks to the POAP team for your hard work!

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Hello! I am Melissa I am the Community Lead at Unstoppable Domains! We here at UD LOVE POAPS! We give them to our community members for attending workshops, think-tanks, for attending AMAs and twitter spaces, for winning contests and games. They have been a wonderful engagement tool. We have a POAP raffle every Friday and give away an NFT for one of our current NFT partners. Our community loves collecting them from events we create. POAPs have helped to grow our community in wonderful ways! Thank you so much to the POAP crew for being so amazing! We appreciate you!

Here is an example of our POAPs

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Hi! lowenphast here! I’m an artist, software engineer and unofficial POAP evangelist in my community. I enjoy creating POAPs and using POAP at IRL events to onboard my family and friends to the crypto world. I’m also an active member of the POAPathon community. Here are a couple of my POAP events:
#10554 601 Club - That which you share will multiply
#12197 Sailing the Sailish

I appreciate all the hard work the POAP team has done and look forward to the teams further success.


Hello, im Ina, as know as ina_dcl
I manage a project in decentraland called Spanish Museum, with events with more than 1000+ assistants.
The project its about culture, art, events, and games around decentraland and the hispanic world.

I want to request more poaps, already create #21341 - request more poaps to "Spanish Museum Quest #1 - Los reyes magos" but its a bit tricky for me understand the workflow of the forum.
I finish found that comment: Introduce yourself to access the #Community category! - #4 by isabel

My last two events was:
#12877 - Spanish Museum #5 El metaevento
#10149 Spanish Museum #? - Space-Time Travel-Machine Dia de la hispanidad

hi my name is jashon mills i am project manager for women tribe nft POAP this was the first event i did with POAP we had 200 phrase code and gave the secret phrase during our twitter space AMA we had all 200 claimed and it went smooth the email used to regester was jashonmills@yahoo.com

Hey. Member of the Big Head Club here! Love the POAPs you make keep up the good work! :blush:


What is your twitter name? Would love to connect on there!

Thank you so much :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::framed_picture:
It has been a blast to get to make the badges for the club. Attend the events + make the memory badge = :pray:Yes please :joy: That brings life to a new level of wholesome.

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Hello, my name is Taylor.
I manage the marketing for Ethereals WTF and I help advise other projects with their marketing as well. These projects are mostly generative PFP projects but I would like to use POAPs for personal meetings and events in the future as well.

I have recently created multiple delivery method POAPs and I have been waiting for the distribution link to delivery them to our holders.

#953 - Nomad Blvd x NFP Welcome Stamp

#954 - Nomad Blvd x MojoHeads Welcome Stamp POAP

#936 - Nomad Blvd x BAYC [unofficial] Welcome Stamp

#968 - Nomad Blvd x Apocalyptic Apes Twitter Welcome Stamp

I have also been attempting to create another delivery and it will not allow me to create it and I continue to get an error code. Can you please help me with all of this?

Thank you for your time.

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Discourse, Can you please approve #22291 - Nomad Blvd x Gemma Welcome Stamp - 2022 as well. Appreciate the help!!! Community is coming after us :sweat_smile:

I’ve got a few of your staff as mutual follows like Shamy and Tyler so not sure who’s running this account here, I might be talking to you :slight_smile: Congrats on your POAP 25 days, was a great initiative you laid out for ppl to explore POAP

Hello all, I am SP (pikachu MD) on twitter. I go by @ttyl5h and pikachu#6696 on discord.

I am a crypto newbie from 2020, and started getting into POAPs last October! I heard about it from Isabel during the NFT NYC events when there was a call for artists! So far, I am now contributing and volunteering over at POAPathon where I make social media posts, assemble bounties, and other stuff. I also participate there as that is what got me into POAPathon and POAPs first, being an artist!

I have used POAPs to test, grant POAPs to early supporters of my art and crypto journey, celebrate events and milestones involving communities, celebrate IRL events such as New Year’s, and now for visitors of my VR gallery!

*Will link my POAPs when I come back to this post, as it is kinda hard on mobile.

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You’re speaking with Shamy on here :slight_smile: Thank you for the kind words it means a lot, we’re just getting started with POAP :smiling_imp:


Posting over here too! Excited to be here :wave:

Here are a few previous POAPs we’ve done for our community events

Hi, my Name is Rush. 0xNegi#1337 on Discord. I’m the Community Manager for DFX Finance.

I would like to request access to the top-level gated section for expedited approvals.

Below are the two previous drops I’ve requested in the past for our community.

[redacted because of new user 2 link limit] #2741006

Here’s one that is currently awaiting approval for our upcoming Ambassadors Welcoming event.

[redacted because of new user 2 link limit] #22829

While the next two POAPs are not from ours, we’ve had cross community calls with UMA and have had POAPs made/issued on behalf of us by one of their amazing artists, @SurfTranquille.

[redacted because of new user 2 link limit] #3458675
[redacted because of new user 2 link limit] #1310402

With this request, I hope to organize and manage even more events in a fun and engaging way with future drops.

Thank you POAP team for all your amazing hard work!

Hi, I am JimmyT (@JimmyT_NFTs) I run an animated Podcast about NFTs with CalcioNFT. I am also the content creator for CryptoDads (NFT Collection).

We run regular Twitter spaces and like to use POAPs for attendees.

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Hey - I am a techie, gamer and consultant with over 15 years of experience implementing software solutions for small businesses and Enterprises. I am the owner and founder of Black Multiverse Enterprises and Technikole Consulting. My current efforts find me helping individuals and businesses find their way to the Metaverse and Multiverse.

I am leveraging POAPs to introduce folks to the decentralized opportunities around the 'Verse(s). As part of both of those initiatives I operate several groups and when not in the 'Verse I can be found providing training and education on VR and Discord.

Previous POAPs created: 23165, 22267, 21269 and 20243