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My name is Dr. Malachi A. O’Brien. I am an ultramarathon runner, co-CEO of an NFT Project called XDROIDS, & father to an 5 kids. (Our youngest we are adopting) My amazing 17 year old daughter has NFT collection called Seventeen. Focusing on Mental Health. I also run a Digital Media Company & Business Coaching Business as a StoryBrand Certified Guide & Business Made Simple University Coach. (In my spare time I also am a pastor)

In my past I have served as a former VP of the Southern Baptist Convention & worked bringing social media influencers to the White House for about 3 years.

My doctoral degree is in digital media, marketing, & human behaviors. Thus I have had a major emphasis in the growth of social media platforms.

In 2021 I got serious about crypto and NFTs. I am a VeeFriends OG among other great NFTs.

I have grown to love what POAPs mean to people. They are attractive to several types of people for various external, internal, & philosophical reasons. My usage began as a way to encourage others and create challenges that benefit others.

Ultimately I live to encourage others and help them succeed in life and business.

Here are some links to previous POAPS. Please know that many were prior to having the clarity that I do now to what the POAP team is working towards. That said I have more ideas around explosive growth and opportunities for POAP creators and collectors.

Several of these were Christmas Series challenges where I DM’d codes and followed up to so many trying to take the challenges.


Thanks! Great example of an introduction - and you should find yourself able to create topics in #community now.


Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time to read it. Have a phenomenal day.

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Veefriends OG! Me too, glad to meet you : )


gm. I’m GLO on discord and that’s what I’ve been rolling with on predominantly web3 platforms but real name is Greg.

I’m based in Australia and am the co-founder of NFT Fest Australia . This was an event we ran virtually (initial plan was IRL as well but covid restricted us), we had 3,500 total registrations with 50 speakers and 9hrs of content across the one day. We were blown away by the response at the time in September 2021 and have plans on a bigger V2 in 2022.

I recently parted ways with my 9to5 corporate job working in sports where I had a small team of 5 doing all things web2 and content. I am still figuring things out on the fly right now but have had some convos with a few organisations and sporting teams about how they can dip their toe into web3 and how to navigate the waters.

Right now, I’m doing some early work for a leading crypto exchange in Australia where I hope to guide them down the path of really cool collabs with Aussie NFT artists and projects and integrate some IRL components. POAP is a significant part of what I’m proposing. NFT Fest Australia is also collaborating with Blockchain Australia at the upcoming 2022 Blockchain Week which honestly is going to be one of the biggest blockchain/crypto events globally in 2022. I know that’s a big statement but there’s some major announcements coming in the next few weeks. I will be spearheading the NFT day during the five-day conference on behalf of Blockchain Australia.

The first POAP I issued was from a different email address to my now nftfest.com.au one (happy to provide if required) but I learned quickly on the fly. Like anything event related, I was chasing my tail on a number of things including getting a POAP prepared which I’d never done before. We opened the event on Zoom webinar and there was about 100 “wen POAP” in the chat before we even got started lol. I was trying to submit the POAP between sessions throughout the day. We finally got there and distributed the POAPs to attendees after the event with mint links and a mail merge to registrants who we had their email for.

Recently I issued a small run of POAPs for a closed environment Zoom talk I did for some marketing managers of major Australian brands. I also issued a POAP last week for the crypto exchange I spoke of which was their first time doing anything like it. They were super excited and want to do more which is great. I am very much still learning like we all are. My roots were heavy NFT degen from about April/May 2021. Web3 has sucked me into its vortex and I don’t think I’m coming out anytime soon.


BTC Markets POAP

Here’s a tweet we sent out post NFT Fest event (we even displayed Poap in lowercase letters, close your eyes mods)


Hi I’m Jon @Meapax on twitter, discord etc. I’m a IT tech/ .Net developer that loves all kind of technology.

I was first introduced to POAP through ETHstaker and got my first POAP when helped rescue Medalla Testnet. Since then I have followed the progress of POAP and also hosted a couple of private events for my company.

I’m also the POAP artist and perhaps not a very good one :blush: LOL. My latest one was created using VQGAN + CLIP machine learning witch I plan on continuing using because of the cool abstract art it creates.

Expect blockchain tech I’m also into ML, electronics, game Development, Azure, Web Development.

Outside tech I’m a father, snowboarder, dreamer, thinker and a fantastic friend.

Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions.


Hello Poap’ers,

My name is Alakai, I am one of the research analysts for Kepler Dao.Finance, I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii and like to go paddleboarding in my free time (its good exercise!).

Poaps are one of the pleasures of the crypto space and hope we can continue to use this service for years to come…thanks so much!! :smiley: :partying_face:

I think this format will work much better than discord…tbh.

This was our very first poap which commemorated the birthday and inspiration for the dao:

Johannes Kepler Commemorative Poap

Thank you & Mahalo! :call_me_hand:

Hey everyone! My name is Bryson Price

I’m a physical therapist and a music producer. I have a passion for helping people / exercise, but I also love creating music. I’ve had several notable placements, but my focus is to create innovative music that glorifies God. I started reading the Bible in 2011 and He completely changed my life so I try to display that with every song I release.

I got into crypto in 2017, bought my first NFT in 2021 (Gary Vaynerchuk’s project VeeFriends) and soon, I’ll be minting my first music NFT on the ETH blockchain using Arpeggi.io.

POAPs are really changing the game and I’m excited to be a part of this new era in history :grin:

I don’t have any previous POAP projects, but I have collected 6 from different virtual events. I would like to create a POAP for my supporters to virtually be present when I mint my first music NFT.



Hi I’m Henry.

My background is in the music industry. I recently started working with Daniel Allan and Cooper Turley on a new music release called Overstimulated.

We’re experimenting with what’s possible for musicians and web3.

I also recently started a new music project with Daniel which is a combination of a songwriting camp along with the intention to help onboard more musicians from web2 to web3: Daniel Allan & Friends — Mirror

We just used POAP to give fans an NFT for presaving new music. We have gotten a huge positive response and I’ve been spending hoursss this weekend going through and sending claim links to many news fans.

Thanks POAP team!

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Hello there, my name is cocopon. I’m a developer / designer working mainly on the front-end of the web.

Since 2015, I’ve been running a project called Sushipico, a set of cube-shaped sushi: https://sushipi.co
And this year, we’ll launch Sushipico Set as the first NFT for Sushipico.

Our team would like to share the beauty of sushi and the cuteness of pixel art with many people through this project.

I’m also working as an OSS commiter / maintainer. Some of my projects have over 1k stars:

  • Tweakpane: Compact GUI for fine-tuning parameters and monitoring value changes
  • Iceberg: Bluish color scheme for Vim and Neovim

I feel that the current OSS ecosystem is a problematic, so we plan to donate some of the proceeds to related OSS projects in a verifiable way.

I’d like to use POAP to encourage the community. Thank you for the great service POAP team!


My name is Alissa Jordan. I am the Chief Compliance Officer and GC at a woman owned/women lead tech start up. I am also the cofounder and cohost of a ClubHouse show called VeeGinaz. I am also co-own a business with my husband and help produce his podcast, The Stars Podcast.

VeeGinaz is a community of individuals who are passionate about elevating the voices of females and other marginalized voices in the web3 space and beyond. VeeGinaz was created in July of 2021 when the 3 of us (me, Sara, and Amanda) went into our own room on CH to discuss how tired we were of the bro culture within the NFT space. We were constantly being spoken over and frustrated that many of our female community member’s projects were being overlooked and ignored. What started out as the 3 of us making jokes about all of this and complaining grew legs, FAST! Many other women in the community felt the same way and asked us to make our club more formal. HERE WE ARE! 3 VeeFriends who decided to make the ClubHouse show- VEEGINAZ.

Since then we have shined the spotlight on more than 20 females in the NFT space and beyond and hosted the Fame Lady Squad team when they relaunched! We recently hosted Maha Abouelenein and have a stacked lineup for 2022 of powerhouse female leaders and projects. We now record our shows and hope to publish them soon as a podcast.

Looking forward to contributing to the POAP culture as we have implemented POAP in a couple of ways.

Show attendance:

Discord Community Engagement

Also, I’ve recently started to employ POAP with my personal engagements in web3 but I just started this.

Very excited to be a part of this journey and evolution of POAP!

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Check this out: https://gitpoap.io/

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Welcome to the POAP forum Alissa !

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GM! This is Asturias! :grin:I am currently working at the Education Guild at BanklessDAO and am a member of the The Hundreds’ Adam Bomb Squad NFT project. I am also an aspiring digital artist and was blessed with opportunities in DAOs to produce the artwork for the following POAPs. When I meet people on DAOs and NFT projects, I love to talk about POAPs and to share with others the joy of collecting and making POAPs.

Latest POAP artwork designed lately:
OpenDAO 1st AMA POAP (500)

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Hey everyone! my name is jack. I’m a developer / Architect working mainly on the bigdata platform.
Since 2011, I’ve been working bigdata and AI project
And this year, I started to get into blockchain, digital currency, DEFI, DAO and so on.I do some front-end design outside of work, and I’m very interested in making poap

Looking forward to contributing to the POAP culture as we have implemented POAP in a couple of ways.

Hi! My name is Waan, I am Decentraland Chinese Community Manager. Decentraland is a decentralized Metaverse powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Within the Decentraland platform, users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications.

I organize and manage events for the Chinese community, but of course we welcome everyone from around the world to participate in all the events. We are honored to distribute POAPs to event participants as a proof of attendance that it really meant a lot to us.

Thanks POAP team for all your hard work and support!

Hi everyone! I’m Alex Archer, event creator from Polygonal Mind and CryptoAvatars.

I was creating events inside this ecosystem for one year now with more than a hundred events and thousands of claims. Our most famous events are the regular MetaTrip and the original XCOPY event!

Can’t wait to see how POAP evolve from now on.


Hello! My name is Chiltepin. I am with the Doge Generals NFT Project. We use POAPs for our History Spaces discussions with history podcasters we host on Twitter. So far, I have minted five POAPs since Oct. 2021, but we are planning to host our History Spaces weekly moving forwards. I learned about POAPs through the Big Head (Stoner Cats), and the Doge NFT projects. I am a big fan of POAPs and all of the work the POAP team is doing for the community!

My name is Amanda, I am an artist and POAP enthusiast! :tada:
I make community Poaps for some of the Big Head Club educational events :cat: :japan:
Community art is a leading inspiration for my work, collaging the voices of each unique community I serve is a personal honor.
Here is a snapshot of some of the Poap event badges I have designed.

POAP is by far one of the best ecosystems that I have encountered in my time existing on the internet. :heart: I appreciate the invitation to the community space and will be here to hype the POAP mission along the way! :speaker:

A good morning, afternoon, evening to you all! :blue_heart: :unicorn:

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