Aavegotchi Community POAPs Stuck in Snapshot Google Form

  1. Drop ID


  1. Community information
    This is for the aavegotchi community

  2. Nature of the event
    This is for our goverance voting snapshots

  3. Distribution plan
    via snapshot

  4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    My fellow gotchi member LoveGotchi submitted the poap events and then submitted for snapshot via the google form but we have hit a snag getting them approved. It has been a number of weeks and still nothing. I am following up to try to get these pushed through as we want to get more POAPs made following

Hello @BackfireCapital

Can you please provide the email address of the person who created these petitions?

Yes - it was: lovegotchi@protonmail.com

all were done in march


Let me know if you need any more info!


Thanks for the info.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hi following up here – thanks

Hi Julie -

Any update on these stuck snapshot requests?


Please submit each request through the following Google Form → POAP Snapshot Proposal 🔗 Request

Hi Julie —

We have already filled those out for all four requests. Are you saying we have to again?? If so why? What happened to the first requests??

See above for the email confirmation screenshot


was the POAP Snapshot plug in ever set up?
How Do I Set Up the POAP Snapshot Plugin? | POAP Help Center

Yes it was set up and we have used it for four other POAP drops successfully.


Hey @BackfireCapital

Curators are reviewing your snapshot linking request, we’ll let you know once they have a response!

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Hi Fio —

Any update on timing? We have submitted at the end of March and still waiting. Then followed up via this post 11 days ago. Do you have an estimated timeline or do you need more details from us?

Appreciate all your team does!

Bump to follow up here

Hi Fio. Following up here

Hey @BackfireCapital

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.
Regarding your past POAP linking requests:

Due to farming concerns, POAP is working on a new tool for Snapshots voting. You might not be aware of this, but we at POAP are working to eliminate farmers o the ecosystem (farming is the act of collecting POAPs from events/activities in which the collector did not actually participate or participated but just to get the POAP).

Due to these farming concerns, your POAP petitions are on hold for now, until we update the POAP snapshot tool. You can distribute retroactively once we’ve finished the update (unfortunately, I can’t give you a specific ETA).

In the meantime, if you would like to reward the top 50-100 most active members of your community it would be fine. You could submit a POAP.Delivery petition :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for the reply. I will keep an eye out for the new Snapshot tool. Appreciate all you do for the community!

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