#968 Delivery Approval Request

Hope you are all well. I sent a request for a delivery back on January 10th and had been waiting to get access here in the community channel to hear back about this. These are the details for the POAP -------> #968 - Nomad Blvd x Apocalyptic Apes Twitter Welcome Stamp

Thank you for your time.

:wave: @Nthestarrs

We’re taking a look + will get back to you shortly! ( Typically within 24hrs)

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Giving this a positive review – but we would love to hear more about how your project is using POAP! Get in touch.

Hi Isabel, this was in celebration of Apocolyptic Apes selling out and was used to promote a twitter space. Original intention was to raffle presale spots but our sale has passed… however, people love their POAPs and want this one… also, come say hi in our discord :slight_smile: we talk about POAPs often :slight_smile: