#91257 Received a negative review

  1. Drop ID - 91257
  2. Community information
    PlannerDAO - https://twitter.com/PlannerDAO
    Interaxis - https://twitter.com/Interaxis8
  3. Nature of the event
    We use the POAP as proof that students have taken our courses
  4. Distribution plan
    We plan to distribute via web links
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    I understand I have submitted several requests for POAPs this year, and have used them for our certification purposes.
    We built our own system for our Certified Digital Asset Advisor designation, in which the prospective certificants need to go through a challenge process. They connect their wallet and perform certain DeFi and Web3 functions.
    When they get to the part where they prove they have taken an approved CDAA course from one of our education partners, we used POAPs, since it is more secure than having the ed partner send us a list of students.
    We recently launched the certification challenge system, and we are now asking all those that went through our courses over the past 2 years to go through the process…part of the process is to show a POAP. We need to distribute POAPs to the all the students who have taken our course, but have not yet gone through the revolutionary process to receive their designation…about 500 students.

Certified Digital Asset Advisor - https://www.certifieddigital.org/
Challenge Process - https://cdaa.plannerdao.com/
Challenge Process Explanation - https://www.notion.so/plannerdao/CDAA-Blockchain-Challenges-1f529f1643244bb79a6ce0e3cf7b2340
Twitter thread about process - https://twitter.com/Interaxis8/status/1600974334319038464?s=20&t=IbWOAYnuwmZtceYt4IpApw

Please let me know if the POAP can be approved. If it cannot, we will have to find another technology solution.

Thank you.


This is the step by step process for checking the status of your POAP Drop and where to Submit an appeal (if needed):

  1. click on “check status of my drop”
  2. Enter the POAP Drop ID (event ID)
  3. The bot will give the current disposition of the status of your drop
  4. If you need to appeal a decision click on “submit an appeal”
  5. Click on the link and fill out the form with all info requested
  6. Standby and wait for a reply within 3 business days
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