\|/8immortals_AMA_with_FomoDog (Secret Words Request)

1. Drop ID
#46143 - \|/8immortals_AMA_with_FomoDog
2. Community information
Twitter, Website, Opensea, Instagram, Facebook, ArtTeams
(This event will hold on 8immortals’ official Discord .)

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2. Nature of the event
Fomo Dog Team Focus on Crypto Analysis, NFT Economy, and Web3 community work for a long time. They start their NFT project and also start their Youtube Channel in 2021 to share the news and knowledge about web3. We are glad to invite them to 8immortals AMA to share their vision with us.
3. Distribution plan
During the AMA event we will announce the Secret Words then all the 8immortals participants can Mint one.
4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
The Fomo Dog Club is a group of well-known “Web3 preachers” in Taiwan. This AMA will show the higher sight and even the road map advice for the 8immortals community. It’s worth to be memorized.

POAP Preview

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