88892 - Not able to create delivery

  1. Drop ID" 88892
  2. Community information
  3. Nature of the event
    Commemorating participants of our AMA call happened in our Discord on 2 Dec 2022.
  4. Distribution plan
    Via Delivery method since we have collected addresses of participants.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    POAP has just been created and I’m attempting to create a Delivery for the POAP but was stuck since I’ve faced this error message after putting the addresses. Can someone help? Thanks!


Hello @nickbbp

Make sure that when you enter the ETH wallet addresses there are not any extra spaces at the beginning or the end of the address.

How many addresses do you have?

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the help! There was indeed extra space in one of the addresses.

But we’ve just received an email with a negative review for our Delivery application - not sure why?


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Hello @nickbbp

For your future reference: the POAP Issuers Guidelines contain the info you would need to gauge how many POAPs would be approved for your event.
Guidelines: POAP Issuer Guidelines - POAP

For you this applies:

You would typically be able to request up to 200 POAPs per event.

You stated that your event was in Discord. Please consider using a bot such as guild.xyz to verify attendance and distribute the POAPs.

Or share your screen and display the POAP KIOSK

Hi Julie,

Thanks for clarification. We do have a bot that scrapped data of participants in our community call to verify participation time with Discord usernames submitted in our Google form.

For next steps, are you suggesting that I should use Guild to create the POAP for past event? Are we not able to request more than 200 POAPs?

Thank you.

Hello @nickbbp

You can most certainly look into guild.xyz

Per the POAP Issuers Guidelines you can request up to 200 mint links (total) for this event

Hi Julie,

We’ve reached out to Guild and was told their POAP distribution via Guild bot in Discord is disabled due to limit of 700 POAPs which don’t work for bigger events.

For our case where the event had already passed, what is the best solution to deliver the POAPs to all of the attendees then?

There were also past events from Ethereum foundation with way higher number of attendees and POAPs - can we know how are these approved?]


Hello @nickbbp

I am going to take this context to the Curators and we will get back to you with a path forward.

Hello @nickbbp
For the delivery - did all of those people remain in the AMA for the entire time?

hello @nickbbp

Please note that in a previous Discourse conversation you were also instructed about the 200 POAP limit for events like this:

The path forward to for you as an issuer to comply with the POAP Issuers Guidelines as you work toward becoming a trusted issuer and respectful member of the POAP ecosystem.

Hi Julie,

Thanks for getting back.

Yes, we are using Statbot which has Channel Drilldown function for us to extract list of members who dialed into the voice channel on the day of our AMA with participation time collected.

We filtered users who have dialed in for at least 10 minutes and matched the user names via info (user names and wallet addresses) collected from users with survey at the end of call. This method allows us to make sure only users with valid wallet addresses submitted and have attended the call for at least 10 minutes and above are eligible for the POAP.

We had 1.9k attendees in the call towards the end but only 1694 eligible addresses are shared for POAP Delivery input. Noted on the guideline, though we just didn’t expect such high turnout rate for our AMA call and we are fighting to ensure everyone eligible will get POAP.

We hope you can reconsider our appeal request. Thank you for your time once again.

Hello @nickbbp

Are you able to further filter the attendance numbers down to those who attended the entire AMA?
And what is that number?

Hi Julie,

Sure yea!

Let me give you some context as well - the AMA duration was scheduled for 60 minutes we had to restart the session with a new Stage channel within the first 10 minutes of the session when we had about more than 1k users dialing into the voice channel and users started reporting lost connections.

We only managed to “restart” the session approximately 20 minutes after we started the call as we were trying to diagnose the issue, set up new Stage channel and redirecting users to new channel while Discord app interface was glitching and lagging.

There were approximately 1.4k users who were in the call for 40 minutes based on our Statbot data, which is the total duration of our call in the new Stage channel. Some of the users had difficulties navigating through Discord to connect to new Stage channel as the app was still laggy.

We’ve submitted addresses from around 1.7k users which we believe is a fair number since some users had to re-dial into the session as well. There were 1.8k users who dialed more than half of the 2nd Stage session as well.

Thank you.

Hello @nickbbp

The limit for a community call /AMA is 200 POAPs per the POAP Issuers Guidelines.