#88072901 Maff Metaverse art festival POAP request

On the 23 of December, we opened the Maff Metaverse festival in Decentraland. Metaverse art fest - is the first festival organized by the Russian company.

In November, Maff Metaverse completed the first online hackathon in Russia dedicated to the development of art objects for the Decentraland metaverse (3 days during which programmers and designers worked in 18 teams to create art objects).

At Maff Art Fest, you can walk around the virtual park and enjoy the creativity of the teams in all its glory. The laws of physics, in the usual sense, do not work in the art park, amazing experiences are guaranteed for you! The park has a black hole, a digital temple, a bit hitter - a device for creating your own music, an escape room, and a museum of time. Boarding on a flying platform you can see the park in all its glory from a bird’s eye view.

We are using a Decentraland dispenser and we have requested codes before. To our surprise, they finished in 15 minutes. We would like to ask for additional codes for our creators of the park.

Link to our event in Decentraland: Decentraland
Link to the event website: Art Fest — Maff Metaverse


Thank you for your patience :pray:

We are reviewing your request, we will be able to get back to you shortly. (Typically within 24hrs)

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Can you provide the proper event ID? I don’t believe #88072901 is correct.


As we did not receive a response, I will close this topic.

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