#81012 - The Web3 Collective Kickoff Event - November 3, 2022


  1. Community information
    Main Hosts:
    Karen Werner - https://twitter.com/bitcoinsugardad -

    Benny Pekala - https://twitter.com/bennypekala -

  2. Nature of the event

This is to commemorate the launch and inaugural event for the Web3 Collective, an opportunity to build relationships with other web3 professionals and learn from industry experts about emerging trends. We believe this will be the first POAP for many of our attendees, and we want to engage and educate the community about the significance of POAPs and documenting important events on chain.

  1. Distribution plan

We plan to have a 2-part Secret code shared at 2 points during the event (mid-point then at end) and assistance at the end to help attendees who need support around minting. :handshake:t4:

Why do you believe this petition is being held?

I am a new Issuer - this my first submitted POAP :grinning:

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Hello @TinyInteger

You are going to have to finish the petition this is what the Curators see:

Since the date has passed, I am hoping to withdraw this petition, avoid taking up any more review time on it ,and try again another time. It’s not clear if I can withdraw the appeal.

Hello @TinyInteger

There is still nothing ion the system for the Curators to see or review. You can just create a new POAP Drop Petition when you are ready.

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