[#79387] [11.05.22] [Petition approval appeal] serenity at outer heaven

  1. Drop ID


I’ve set [11.05.22] in the topic, which is the date of the event, and not the date of the submission. The instructions were unclear on this, I hope that’s okay.

  1. Community information
    Serenity @ Outer Heaven

  2. Nature of the event
    Serenity, named after the fork enabling Ethereum Proof of Stake, is an IRL party happening during ETH San Francisco. We are hosting it at our hackerspace, across the street from the Palace of Fine Arts, where the hackathon will take place. We’d like to commemorate this party with an NFT, and would love to use the POAP protocol, as its the perfect fit. The party hosts all have multiple POAPs from events in the past, both IRL and online, such at Metacartel Demo Day, ETHBerlinZwei, and The Merge painting party. We’re big supporters of POAP and finally have an event which we think a POAP would be perfect for!

  3. Distribution plan
    We have a custom staking flow on https://serenity.outerheaven.org that people can use in order to be granted access to our party. Our contract is open source at serenity.outerheaven.eth (0x382776c06f19723f12d97adaf481cdacd350a45a). Stakers will be refunded their ~$30 stake when their code is scanned at the door of the party. We’d like to commemorate this event for all of our attendees, and can issue POAPs at the moment of the stake refund, or at a later point once we have collected all addresses of attendees that were scanned at the door. We are technologists and have no problem writing custom code to distribute POAPs.

  4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?

We’re unsure why our POAP petition was not accepted. I’ve read over the curator guidelines closely, and believe we’re a great fit for the POAP community:


  • all of our content is custom made by our design team for this event. we own 100% of the content and none of it is pornographic, profane, hateful, or political. I think we satisfy this guideline really well.


  • I’ve re-read our submitted copy and I don’t see any issues or grammatical errors.

  • The copy contains lots of information about our event and the place and time that it occured.

  • ours is a remarkable event: months of planning and a lot of money was put into planning our event. we have nine custom art pieces hanging in an art gallery, a 30 foot tall projection mapping installation on the facade of our hacker house, four DJs playing throughout the day and night, and a live coding algorave hosted by some of San Francisco’s finest live coding artists. We have too many awesome things to list here. If any POAP curators are going to be in San Francisco for ETH SF, we urge you to come to our party! It is truly going to be remarkable.

  • poor drop execution: I admit, this is my first time issuing a POAP. But it’s not my first smart contract, or my first NFT mint. We have custom code written to verify attendees for our party, and that should be a perfect fit for distributing the POAPs.

  • low production quality: Please check out our website, I think it speaks for itself. Maybe it doesn’t represent the pinnacle of web design, but we worked really hard on it and are proud of it. We also have a discord, youtube channel, custom motion graphics, posters for the event, and lots more. This is one of the most high production events I’ve ever hosted in my life.


Hello @outerheaven

You submitted a POAP Drop petition of 1.
The Curators do not normally approve 1 POAP petitions.
POAPs are meant to be commemorative of experiences shared with other people.

I added a single mint link because I marked it as a private drop for test, since it is my first time doing a POAP. I was under the understanding that I could generate more mint codes, the instructions were a little unclear on this. I don’t know how many mint codes I need as the event’s attendance is not yet clear.

What should I do now? My options are

  1. Create a new drop with 1000 codes (more than I need, probably)
  2. Have the POAP curators edit my current drop to add 999 codes
  3. Something else
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Hi, I’ve gone ahead and created a new POAP petition, with drop id 81073, with almost the same info but 1000 mint codes requested. I was not able to make the new petition with the same name, so I used “serenity @ outerheaven” instead of “serenity @ outer heaven”. If its possible to use the title with the space on 81073, I would appreciate that.

Congrats, looks like your petition received a positive review. You’re all ready to go! :rocket:

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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