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Let us reward our OG’s! :pray:

The GSU exchange rate originates from academia and has a world serving purpose that has great advantages for those that have no access to a bank account, for those in need of stability that is not dependent on single value determination ($USD), for small countries completely dependent upon the demands presented by their larger trade partners, for companies which wish to minimize their trade risk, and many other use-cases out there in the world. We are bringing a non USD dependent stability through a Collateral Debt Position (CDP) protocol soon on Ethereum Mainnet.

1. Drop ID
#79205 - GSU | Protocol: Early one (:balance_scale:,:earth_africa:) - 2022

2. Community information
We are small but growing community of stablecoin enthusiast, looking to spread the awareness of non

2. Nature of the event
We are celebrating our OG’s first! We want to reward the ones that has been with us from the beginning. This will be followed by recognized Gorli Testnet participants of our CDP Protocol in couple of weeks.

3. Distribution plan
We are planning to use Discord, and mainly emails that we have gathered over time from early members. Mint links will be messaged individually.

4. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
We understand that our proposal might have been flagged for overly superficial engagement farming. We understand the concern, but that is definitely not our purpose. Our purpose is to simply reward early members of the ecosystem, OG’s and members of the team initially for their early engagement in the community. The community members, are planned to claim POAP and potentially transform this into roles in the DAO, acting as voters, thereby essentially governing the GSU Protocol. The DAO will be responsible for governing the values and purpose of the GSU institution creating “A new type of balanced exchange rate that serves everyone equally with stability. A fair exchange rate for all”. See https://globalstabilityunion.org

We are looking to use POAP as a great on-boarding tool to expand this to non-crypto natives and going forward we see a great opportunity that these badges are offering as a sybil resistant tool. As mentioned above we are planning to use these badges to reward participants of the testing of our protocol and later on to recognize community call attendance and other community building activities.

Our Twitter initial announcement (Twitter post) is not to be perceived as engagement farming for reward. It is just to tease, and the engagement received from it will not be eligible for POAP distribution. These are for already existing members only.

We have been in discussion with Leah Grace on Discord as well as through POAP support and have been forwarded here to appeal. Thank you for your support Leah :pray:

P.S.: We have requested 100 codes, as we would like a broad foundation for the initial recognition of potential DAO participants. But in case you recognize this number to be too high we can start with lower number and if possible then request more codes when needed.

Thank you for your consideration!

Hello @iann
Please read the guidelines concerning POAP Pre-Announcement

One of the things that POAP has been heavily working on is eliminating the farmers of the ecosystem. As explained in the POAP Glossary , farming is the act of collecting POAPs from events/activities in which the collector did not actually participate.

In the last weeks, the Curation Body discussed POAP pre-announcements. What’s that?
Publishing on Social Media that there will be a POAP for participating in an event.

We concluded that pre-announcing there will be a POAP for attending an online event is against the POAP Quality Guidelines since it attracts farmers –people that are only after free NFTs and don’t really care about a project or community.

Pre-announcing the POAP doesn’t only attract farmers, but also it seems to be used as an engagement farming activity. Engagement farming is generally defined as issuers using POAPs in a way that incentivizes transactional behavior. Any statement to the effect of “Do X to get a POAP” is basically a marker of engagement farming.

POAP is a curated ecosystem for the preservation of memories. POAPs can be issued for special events and memorable moments of all sizes, physically or virtually, provided there is a good cause. Issuing a POAP is more a “Hey, thanks for coming! Here’s a POAP for your time and passion for this project”, when an incorrect thought would be “Hey come to my event and I’ll give you a POAP!”

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Thank you for your message Julie.

We have very well read through the guidelines and we do agree with your position. POAP farmers are definitely a big concern and addressing this issue is not easy! But you are on your way.

At the same time there is no online event attached to our announcement. As we described multiple times in conversation with POAP team throughout multiple platforms, we are distributing these individually to early members of our community. There is no call for action e.g. “Do X to get the POAP” involved at all.

If you do a quick search on twitter “keyword=poap” you will stumble upon multiple post from established actors on the market actually doing this exact thing: “Do X to get the POAP”.

This strategy is not what we are following and we would like to understand your stance on us announcing an online event in any of our posts. The list of the receivers has been established even before we have made our first post.

Hello @iann

Thank you for the additional context.
How will you be distributing the POAPs to your community?
What qualifies a person as an early supporter?

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We are looking to distribute POAPs individually. We have a list of members that we were aiming to distribute these to. This list is made of people engaging with us individually on Discord, Twitter as well as emailing list we have created based on people interested in the GSU | Protocol or simply Global Stability Unit in general over past months.

To be qualified as an early supporter, you have to be on this list or else be a team member I suppose.

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Hello @iann

Do you have the ETH wallet addresses of the people that you would like to give the POAP to as early supporters of the community?

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Hello @julie

Thank you for reaching out. We do have wallet addresses of some but we did not keep a registry of all the addresses. We are not 100% sure how the community perceives a direct airdrop to wallets versus having an ability to do it on their own since both options are possible. What is your take on this?

We know that there is a possibility to reserve a POAP with an email address but we will advocate for an interaction with ETH wallet as that is the only way how to actually mint the token. For some this will be an on-boarding experience, so we have prepared some documentation on how to create a wallet and more specifically how to mint the badge as well :slight_smile:

Hello @iann

If you create a delivery petition people will still have to mint the POAP on their own – it isnt an actual airdrop.

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Due to inactivity, this thread will close if you do not reply soon.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

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