73195 - Willea Zwey - Through the Spectrum Exhibition Opening Reception @ imnotArt Chicago 22-10-07

Codes: 50
Distribution: POAP Disc
Description: Through the Spectrum: a spin on editions, but better.

A total of 50 individually developed artworks that play with color variations originating from a single blueprint.

About Willea

Willea Zwey is a digital artist, multidisciplinary illustrator and musician based in Chicago. Drawing from her background in architecture, Willea’s artworks depict otherworldly scenes with unconventional perspective, surreal elements and deep storytelling. Willea creates each artwork as a scene rather than a structured composition. Every scene provides space for moments and its attachments such as feelings, thoughts and actions to be collided, encountered and captured. Expressive color and high-level details are her favorite ways of worldbuilding within her art universe in which she particularly likes to use gentle and visually pleasant elements to obscurely delineate subjects with deeper meaning.

Join the Live Mint! Willea’s “Through the Spectrum” Mint pass collectors will have access to the minting experience room to reveal their NFT from this collection. To mint please visit imnotArt

Celebrate with us Friday, October 7th, 7 - 10 PM CST @ 1010 N Ashland Ave. Digital attendance is also possible through our Cryptovoxels space. Link: Voxels

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